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This is a 5 day Course

Following on from the AAE Basic Expression Animation 101 (Level I) course you will add to your programming experience with the ability to properly use the Expression languages Selection (code decision) and Iteration (code repetition) structures that complete what all good programming languages provide.

In addition you dive deeper into the AAE Object model and discover how you can access all parts of an animation to allow even more complex animations that no amount of Keyframing could ever achieve.

This is not a beginners course as you are expected to arrive being already comfortable working in the Expression Editor environment. If you have the skills developed equivalent to the AAE Basic Expression Animation 101 (Level I) course then you are ready for this course!

Using extensive exercise you will leave have added to your existing toolbox of expressions that allow you to do animations that keyframe animation alone just can’t do or is so complex nobody can fix or change it when it needs editing.

Extensive Step-by-Step notes are included along with all the exercises in completed form so you have a ready reference for a wide variety of animations.


You are already a motion graphic designer and need to continue your programming knowledge and skill set. Or supervise motion graphics designers and need to understand what programming Expressions requires from MGX designers at the next level.

Skills Gained

  • You finish this course understanding all of the programming paradigm used by After Effects for its programming language.
  • You can design Expression code that has multiple statements that execute based on decisions and looping.
  • Develop good Expression code style to facilitate efficient and effective modification of code.
  • Apply techniques to allow effective testing and debugging of Expression code.
  • Confidently tackle complex animation tasks that only Expression programming can achieve.
  • Animations are now possible that are not available to the non Expression programmer.=, regardless of how they twist Keyframes to do something.


You have completed Adobe After Effects Expression Programming Level I successfully. 


  • The Language of Expressions
  • Statements
  • What is the Extent of AAE Expression Language?
  • Rounding & Random Numbers
  • random() Family
  • Other Really Useful maths Methods
  • Collision Detection
  • Other Useful Expressions Not Covered in Basic Course
  • Layer Space 2D Transformations
  • Comparison & Logical Operators
  • If/Else Conditional Statement
  • How To animate the Source Text property with a Slider effect.
  • For Loop
  • Try/Catch Statement
  • Write expressions for Source Text
  • The New Line Character
  • Functions

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