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This is a 5 day course.

Adobe After Effects is a visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application used in post-production process of film making, video games and television production, including ads for Cinema, TV and Web. Educators can put After effects to good use in developing compelling full animation and sound presentations to support their subject.

Among other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. In 2019, the program won an Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement

Never used After Effects or any motion graphics program before? Used an older version and have forgotten what to do? Did a Zero to Hero course in 2 days and lack confidence that you really understand both the tools and principles of Motion Graphics?

This course moves you into the Next Level of Motion Graphics design and execution. Building on the core features covered in the Adobe After Effects Level I course this course adds more functionality and dives deeper inside some of the features to make you an expert.

Competing this course with its new skills, knowledge and practice added to the foundations already acquired you could attempt your After Effects Practitioner certification.

This course provides practical exercises for more techniques and features for animating images, text and shapes in the 3D area. You receive comprehensive step-by -step notes and work with a set of example files that are yours to practice with after the course.

After Effects Basic Expression Programming and After Effects Expression Programming Full Tilt take anyone that has never ever programmed and produces a confident and competent Expression programmer in the Motion Graphics space. 


  • Anyone considering a career in or switching to; Motion Graphics Designer, Visual Effects Artist, 2D or 3D Animators, Video Editor.
  • Motion Graphic Artist for Creating Titles, Logo Revals, Particles FX, 2D animation.
  • Visual Fx Artist for (Tracking, Rotoscoping, Matte Painting, Match moving (Simple), Keying)
  • Video Editors & Compositors for Mixing CG elements with Live action Footage
  • The more you use this program the more you find it can do. 

Skills Gained

  • Using Blending Modes
  • Time Repmapping
  • Essential 3D Techniques
  • Use Simple Expressions
  • Set Up Tracking
  • Work with Kinetic text
  • Export with Adobe Media Encoder.


You must be competent in the topics outlined in the Level I course.


Blending Modes

  • Effects of Blending Modes
  • Cocept Behind Blending Modes
  • Different Categories of Blending Modes
  • Subtractive Category - Adding Darkness
  • Additive Category - Brighten them up
  • Complex Category - Shades of Grey
  • Difference Category - Enigmatic
  • Matte Category - Creating Matte with Blending Modes

Working More Timeline Features

  • Reversing Animation with Keyframe Assistant
  • Reversing Animation with Time-Reverse Layer
  • Time Remapping – The Skinny on How to Slow, Speed up and Reverse Animations
  • How to Stretch (or Shrink) Layer Duration - Time Stretch
  • Using the Keyframe Assistant for Sequencing Layers

An Introduction to 3D:

  • The Position Property in 3D Explained
  • Using the 3D Rotation Property
  • 3D Animation Basic Examples
  • The Camera Concept
  • Optimizing Camera Views
  • Creating and Animating an Orbit Null for the Camera

Introduction to Puppetry

  • Exploring the Puppet Pin Tools
  • Recording a Puppet Pin Animation
  • Smoothing and Reducing your Recorded Animation
  • Acting on Overlaps
  • Creating Rigid Sections

Introduction to Expressions & Scripting

  • What Are Expressions and When To Use Expressions
  • Create Charts with Expressions
  • How to Use Controls to Ease Modification
  • Expression Starter Kit
  • Swapping Property Values using Expressions

Creating Custom Presets – Best Practice

Motion Tracking – Advanced

  • Creating Tracks
  • Attaching Pre-Comps Animation
  • Track Scaling
  • Attaching Effects
  • Tracking and Replacing Video Areas - Perspective Corners Pins Motion Tracking

Adding More Effects and Masks

  • Video Compositing and Adjustment Layer
  • Animating the Adjustment Layer To Create Transitions

Introduction to Kinetic Text

Tips & Traps in MGX

  • Save Project & Backup Options
  • Scaling your Comp Without Any Layer Change
  • Moving the Anchor Point with Precision
  • Keyframe Navigation
  • The Shy Switch
  • Soloing a Layer – Locking a Layer
  • Layers Manipulation with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Work Area & The Preview Panel
  • Color labels for layers, compositions, and footage items
  • Taking a Snapshot
  • Moving on the Timeline and Work Area
  • Replacing Images and Videos in The Comp without changing animation and Effects
  • Improving Performance - Media and Disk Cache
  • XMP Metadata

Creating a Videos for WWW Distribution with Adobe Media Encoder

  • Exporting with Transparent Background
  • Creating a GIF Image Sequence from a Composition
  • Exporting Comps/Pre-comps (Source) For Use In Another Project
  • Importing Comps/pre-comps to the Target Project

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