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This is a 4 day course

With the increasing accessibility of low cost hardware and software, it is now an inexpensive and simple to create and self-publish audio work.

This beginners short audio and podcasting course shows you how to go from an idea to a fully functioning show.

Covering essential recording techniques, post recording “sweetening”of your audio, distribution channels used to make your podcasts available to the world and more.

You will know how to produce professional sounding results suitable to enhance your brand or product or service


Anyone that either wants to start their own podcasting or tasked with developing podcasts for your organisation.

Skills Gained

How to plan & prepare (Pre-production, then execute recording (Production) following by Post-production where the magic of editing takes all your recordings and assembles them into the appropriate format, removing any stumbles or fluffs you or your recording talent may have made.

  • Understand And Describe Copyright Restrictions
  • Identify A Podcast From Other Media
  • Be Comfortable Their Own Voice On A Recording
  • Identify What Equipment Is Required As A Minimum To Begin
  • Decided On A Style Or Styles For Further Exploration
  • Have A Plan For Episode Release
  • Have Decided On A Podcasting Niche
  • Understand And Describe The Protocols For Hosting
  • Understand And Be Able To Describe The Function Of An Rss Feed

Be Able To:

  • Record At The Highest Level Available
  • Publish In appropriate distribution format
  • Describe Why These Standards Are Used
  • Record A Sample Of Audio Using The Correct Use Of Levels
  • Correctly Use A Microphone
  • Record A 5 – 10 Minutes Audio Piece
  • Critically Decide On Software
  • Process An Audio File
  • Publish To A Host


  • What is podcasting?
  • Why do you want to podcast?
  • Copyright Issues.
  • The terror of hearing your own voice.
  • The Bare Essential Questions Before You Start (Pre-production)
  • What’s your story?
  • Frequency of shows?
  • Interviews, co-hosts, monolog. What’s your niche?
  • Hosting. Free, paid, where not to host. Cost,
  • Essential Recording Knowledge Before You Press Record
  • Levels, what are they how do you set them?
  • What is and how to voice project, breathing,
  • What Essential Digital Recording Equipment Do I need?
  • Record direct to computer audio program or use a stand alone digital sound recorder?
  • Choosing an Audio File Type for master recording.
  • Practical – Introduction to Recording
  • Make a suitable recording environment
  • Microphone placement
  • Check levels, record a piece of audio, Edit - check levels
  • Practical -- Recording Body
  • How to produce a script.
  • A bullet point guideline Vs Off the Cuff recording
  • Practical – Post Production
  • Splicing in standard header and trailer pieces to recording.
  • What else is done in post production? Techniques to "Sweeten" your audio
  • Fixing various sound problems such as squeaky doors, alarms and other intrusive sounds
  • Choosing an Audio File Type for distribution
  • Distribution & Publishing Channels
  • Podcasts Connect. iTunes, Artwork, RSS feed, time to live. Soundcloud and Libsyn
  • Promotion & Podfading
  • The use of Facebook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube and a blog.
  • The magic seven episode mark and podfading.
  • Other Resources to keep you podcasting and learning

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