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Course Introduction

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is a two-day course. This course provides knowledge about project management. By getting this knowledge, delegates can focus on applying principles on efficient decision-making, significances and generating success. The candidates will learn about pragmatic skills and methods essential for efficient project delivery.

  • Learn About Pragmatic Skills And Methods Essential For Efficient Project Delivery
  • Learn About Project Management Planning and Scope Management
  • Manage Risks and Issues
  • Learn from Certified Manager
  • Training in APMP leads to Higher Salaries


This course is designed for delegates who wish to gain the knowledge of project management. It is also perfect for project managers as a pre-cursor to advanced certification such as the APMP PMQ.

Skills Gained

The delegates will learn about:

  • The difference between a project and operational work.
  • Management structure which helps in projects operate.
  • Project management planning and scope management
  • Scheduling and resource management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Project quality management
  • Managing communication in the project environment
  • Importance of stakeholder management
  • Teamwork and leadership principles


This course is for everyone and no prerequisite required.


Project Management and the Operating Environment

  • Differentiation between a project and business
  • Purpose and essential elements of project management
  • Profits of efficient Project Management
  • Portfolio and Programme Management
  • The PESTLE acronym and Project environment
  • Phases of project life cycle
  • Roles and responsibilities of project manager,

Project Management Planning

  • Objectives of a business case
  • Content of a business case
  • Purpose of a project management plan
  • Production of a project management plan
  • An overview of Stakeholders, stakeholder management and stakeholder analysis
  • Understanding approaches such as analytical, comparative, parametric, estimating funnel,
  • Recognising success criteria, success factors and the use of KPIs
  • Objectives and profits of project reporting
  • An overview of Project scope management
  • Understanding product and work breakdown structures and Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) with RACI
  • An introduction to configuration management and change control
  • Methods of scheduling such as critical path analysis, Gantt (bar) charts, baselines and milestones
  • Understanding resource management
  • Obtaining within the environment of project management
  • Understanding Risk management and issue management
  • An overview of Project risk management process
  • Use of a risk register
  • Issue and issue management and the use of an issue log


  • An overview of communication methods
  • Obstacles to effective communication
  • The communication plan
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Role of project team leader
  • Teamwork models

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