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CMDBID: 59999 | Course Code: C,ASP.NET | Duration: 5 Days
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In this course, delegates will learn how to use Visual Studio and Visual C# to build ASP.NET Web pages and XML Web services. Attendees will gain an understanding of the architecture behind ASP.NET and how to use the server controls. They'll learn to create consistent web sites, using Master Pages, to improve performance with output caching, add membership features, configure and deploy ASP.NET applications, to authenticate users and limit their access to resources, direct users using new Site Navigation tools and to handle multi-user data access conflicts. Delegates will also become familiar with the debugging and tracing features in Visual Studio that help to quickly troubleshoot issues and they'll learn how to take advantage of creating they're own user-defined controls.

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use ASP.NET server controls to generate HTML and to execute event procedures.
  • Promote consistency within web site through Master Pages.
  • Retrieve and manipulate data using ADO.NET
  • Display and edit data quickly and easily using new data binding features.
  • Use Membership features to manage Web users.
  • Use new Site Navigation controls to direct users within a site.
  • Redirect users on unhandled errors.
  • Debug client-side script.
  • Debug SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Use the Trace object for page-level monitoring.
  • Use Web Events to provide programmatic health monitoring.
  • Create new user-defined controls.
  • Create and consume XML Web Services.
  • Take advantage of ASP.NET's versatile output caching to increase performance.
  • Add scalability and reliability by setting up an out-of-process session state server.
  • Create a Web Setup project in Visual Studio to build a deployment package that takes advantage of Windows Installer.
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Bath, United Kingdom
5 Days
14th Jun 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
5 Days
20th Sep 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
5 Days
8th Nov 2021
ONSITE, United States
5 Days

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