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CMDBID: 114143 | Course Code: QABLOCKCE,BCS,EXIN | Duration: 1 Days
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The BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain validates a professional’s knowledge about Blockchain as a ledger with potential as a worldwide, decentralised record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets: finance, property, products and intangible assets, such as votes, software, health data and ideas.

The certification covers the basic concepts of Blockchain, the potential fields of application, the potential value for the organisation and the technology driving Blockchain. CourseMonster provide hands-on Blockchain labs, build your own Blockchain and create your own cryptocurrency, to support this certification to ensure you apply the essential Blockchain skills in an applied learning environment.

BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain validates a professional’s knowledge about:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Blockchain Challenges
  • Applications of a Blockchain
  • Blockchain Innovations

Professional Benefits:

  • Recognised awarding body certificate in blockchain
  • Short course with flexible learning options, including on-line e-learning
  • Creates a basic understanding of blockchain technology
  • Helps candidates demonstrate CPD and knowledge of an emerging technology to employers and improve earnings potential
  • Enjoy BCS Associate membership as a successful candidate
  • Enjoy a wide range of member benefits and professional recognition, as well as networking, mentoring and career development opportunities
  • Candidates gain professional recognition from a global brand.

Employer Benefits:

  • Developed with subject matter experts from the industry
  • Basic level, short course with flexible learning options
  • Develops a basic knowledge and understanding of blockchain
  • Develops knowledge of an emerging technology that supports your organisation’s digital transformation
  • Drives innovative thinking
  • Provides development opportunities to support employee engagement and retention
  • Supports the upskilling of existing team members to develop the skills your business needs
  • Employees will gain an industry recognised standard helping to drive standards across your business
  • BCS associate membership for 1 year following successful completion providing employees with access to on-going career support and CPD.

There are no prerequisites for attending this training.


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