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CMDBID: 107357 | Course Code: BA005,UML,BPMN,SDLC,BABOK | Duration: 2 Days
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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Model business processes, focusing on rules that govern:
  • the activities that constitute each business process and
  • the sequence in which they are performed
  • Effectively use and integrate the UML and BPMN workflow modeling standards over the project lifecycle
  • Convert workflow diagrams from one standard to another (UML / BPMN)
  • Use BPMN to model the workflow for:
  • internal (private)
  • externally visible (public) and
  • collaborative business processes
  • Model existing (As-Is) and proposed (To-Be) processes
  • Use BPM to model business processes and user requirements
  • Integrate business process model with the business and system use-case model
  • Create state diagrams that describe the life cycle of a business object.
  • Link use cases to state diagrams
  • Supplement: Interpret other standards

IDEF, flowcharts, block diagrams, structure charts, DFDs

This is a hands-on practical workshop for the BA in business process modeling using workflow models and state machine diagrams (also known as Harel statecharts) to describe the sequencing of events for a business or IT process. Trainees step through a complex real-life case study, learning not only how to draw the diagrams but how and when to effectively use the techniques during a projects' life cycle. Trainees learn how to use business process diagrams to model existing and to-be processes, to define workflow for business use cases, to supplement the documentation of system use cases and to define lifecycle rules for business objects. The course covers the most popular standards for business process modeling: UML 2 - a standard robust enough to cover the complete IT project lifecycle – and BPMN – a standard specifically created for business process modeling that is gaining widespread popularity. Trainees will learn to employ UML activity diagrams (with and without partitions/swimlanes) as well as BPMN Business Process Diagrams (BPD) to model workflow and UML state machine diagrams to analyze the lifecycle of key business objects. As a supplement, IDEF workflow conventions developed by the military are also included in the printed course material and may be optionally included in class-time instruction.

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