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CMDBID: 58306 | Course Code: COLLAB250 | Duration: 2 Days
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The Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate (COLLAB250) v3.0 course shows you how to install, troubleshoot, and maintain Cisco Meeting Servers. Through hands-on learning, you will learn how to install and configure Cisco Meeting Server in single combined and single split deployments, use troubleshooting tools, and integrate Cisco Meeting Server with popular communications applications.

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Start Date
6438817.0-2023-04-24 1:00:00.Globalknowledge Chicago United States
Chicago, United States
2 Days
24th Apr 2023
globalknow-ALL Virtual-200622-Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate.-2023-06-19 10:0
Virtual, Live Virtual
2 Days
19th Jun 2023
1441256 2020-07-20 UK Chicago global-kno Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate
Chicago, United States
2 Days
20th Jul 2023
1441257 2020-08-10 UK London global-kno Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate
London, United Kingdom
2 Days
10th Aug 2023
1441258 2020-09-14 US Denver global-kno Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate
Denver, United States
2 Days
6th Sep 2023
1438814.0-2022-11-17 07:00:00Globalknowledge Sydney Australia
Sydney, Australia
3 Days
21st Nov 2023
6438815 2020-11-23 UK Amsterdam globalknow 58306 Cisco Meeting Server Intermedi
Amsterdam, Netherlands
2 Days
23rd Nov 2023
6438816 2020-12-14 US Los Angeles globalknow 58306 Cisco Meeting Server Interme
Los Angeles, United States
2 Days
14th Dec 2023
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate
ONSITE, United States
2 Days

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