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The course includes industry standard techniques for data analysis and database design and places them in a modern day development environment. After an introductory session covering database design, sound theoretical concepts are linked to practical considerations. The course sequence moves from logical data analysis and data model development through to physical database design and optimisation. Environments such as the Internet and data warehouses are included as well as standard relational databases.

At all times the emphasis is on a pragmatic approach to the solution of everyday problems encountered in data analysis and design.

At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the reasons for producing data models.
  • Develop a logical data model, using a top-down approach, based on the analysis of a business scenario.
  • Validate a data model to ensure data integrity.
  • Develop a normalised data model using relational data analysis.
  • Normalise an existing data model.
  • Transform a logical to a physical data model based on a target database.
  • Create a database schema from a physical data model and optimise the schema.
  • Understand how to use data modelling techniques in a variety of situations including reverse engineering and the use of software packages.
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Start Date
Bath, United Kingdom
3 Days
4th May 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
3 Days
19th Jul 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
3 Days
11th Oct 2021
Bath, United Kingdom
3 Days
22nd Nov 2021
ONSITE, United States
3 Days

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