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  • This course under Maven training will prepare the delegates with basic AdWords tools. Apart from this, training regarding how to set up and manage AdWords campaign and provision as to how to measure and optimize the campaign's performance is given.
  • AdWords allow you to make the most of the online advertising by displaying ads to people over the internet at the right time with instant clicks. Ads contain two types of components:
  • I. Visible components: It includes Ad title, Display URL and two lines of description
  • II. Non-visible components: It contains keywords, bidding, budget, targeting, quality score and destination URL.
  • For advertising online through Google and entering the auction, the first one has to opt for targeting the customers. After that, you have to input the Ad by choosing keywords through keyword planning tool. As a last resort, you have to create and finalize the budget for bidding purposes.
  • For creating good ads, it is noticeable that the Ad is relevant with the keywords in the query and gets a high click through rate (CTR). Additionally, it must stand out in the competition and includes calls to action. The advertiser also needs to keep in mind regarding the quality of the high score.
  • Following diagram shows the advertising spending growth in the year 2011-2012 at three standard levels including global, European and US. It is relevant from the chart that the online advertising has gained enough attraction with the passage of time:
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gurulabs- TBC-440101-Fundamentals of Google
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1 Days

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