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CMDBID: 108569 | Course Code: GL405 | Duration: 5 Days
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  1. Introduce students to the basic concepts of version control and their function
    1. Provide context to what challenges version control systems are designed to address
    2. Show how software developers can use diff tools to create and maintain sets of software patches
    3. Demonstrate how patches can be applied and organized to create a historical set of changes that describe a project's history
  2. Introduce Subversion and explain how it acts as a centralized version control system
    1. Cover how a repository is organized and the ways it is possible to interact with data
    2. Explain how Subversion differs from other version control systems, such as Git, Mercurial, or Bazaar
  3. Explore common Subversion operations such as project/repository creation, source checkout, adding/editing files, and committing changes
  4. Discuss version control best practices and workflows. Provides hands-on exercises so that students become comfortable working with version control using both GUI tools and the command line
  5. Describe how Subversion integrates with other tools and can be integrated with bug/issue tracking management and continuous testing servers

Recommended Text: Eric Sink. Version Control by Example. 2011. Pyrenean Gold Press, Champaign, Illinois.

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