You've come to the right place for IBM SPSS training courses. Courses cover SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler and SPSS Decision Management. SPSS classes are targeted for those working with statistical data analysis and modeling. Click on a category below to learn more about our training options, including guaranteed to run (GTR), virtual and self-paced classes.

We offer comprehensive training programs that that can help to turn data into information resulting in valuable insight. Whether the goal is to develop skills to build Big Data platforms or specific applications of Big Data Analytics to achieve specific business outcomes, CourseMonster is there for you, and can tailor the training to fit your goal.

The intent of this learning journey is to give an IBM Business Partner one location to guide them through understanding the competency, requirements, benefits, products
associated with the DS&BA competency, then provide a path to earn the credentials needed to earn the DS&BA competency. This learning journey is a requirement to earn the DS&BA Sales Foundation badge.

This course is great for professionals, as it provides step by step instruction of tests with clear and accurate explanations. Get ahead of the competition and make these tests important parts of your data analytic toolkit!

Students will also have the tools needed to succeed in their statistics and experimental design courses.

Data Analytics is an rapidly growing area in high demand (e.g., McKinsey)

Statistics play a key role in the process of making sound business decisions that will generate higher profits. Without statistics, it's difficult to determine what your target audience wants and needs. 

  Inferential statistics, in particular, help you understand a population's needs better so that you can provide attractive products and services. 

  This course is designed for business professionals who want to know how to analyze data. You'll learn how to use IBM SPSS to draw accurate conclusions on your research and make decisions that will benefit your customers and your bottom line. 

  With SPSS, you can analyze data to make the right business decisions for your customer base. And by understanding how to use inferential statistics, you can draw accurate conclusions about a large group of people, based on research conducted on a sample of that population. 

  You'll even know how to write the results of statistical analyses in APA format, one of the most popular and accepted formats for presenting the results of statistical analyses, which you can successfully adapt to other formats as needed. 

IBM Analytics DS&BA SPSS Courses

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