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CMDBID: 107501 | Course Code: TP2562 | Duration: 2 Days
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This two-day workshop focuses on identifying the causes of business problems, building solutions that answer those problems, and ensuring that those answers meet stakeholder quality standards. It is highly interactive and designed to allow participants to both acquire and apply skills that can serve them well in the workplace. It utilizes a case study throughout the workshop. Finally, this workshop is compliant with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition and draws insights on quality management and requirements from the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (the BABOK ).

In an environment of rapid change, an organization's outputs: its products, projects and processes – must all meet business objectives to make effective and efficient use of scarce resources. These outputs also have to satisfy the needs for which they were initiated by the organization, which requires first identifying these needs and then analyzing the best solution to fill them. At its heart, the ability to identify needs and then propose effective solutions is related to accurately measuring quality, in three dimensions:

  • Process quality to ensure that processes are effective and efficient
  • Product quality to ensure that the product of process improvement projects meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Project quality to ensure that the project itself meets the quality standards established for it

Failing to meet any one of these quality dimensions can create problems, waste critical resources and result in dissatisfied stakeholders. Meeting these three dimensions of quality requires the application of a broad array of skills that include:

  • Identifying customer requirements
  • Improving processes used in the project and those that are the product of the project
  • Identifying quality standards
  • Identifying the root causes of problems and making good decisions
  • Employing process control tools like run charts, statistical sampling and control charts
  • Making good project tradeoffs and decisions about quality standards for processes
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Instilling a sense of quality control in project team members
  • Employing methods and tools related to the modern quality movement
  • Understanding and managing the cost of quality
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Toronto, Canada
2 Days
19th Apr 2021
Calgary, Canada
2 Days
19th Apr 2021
Vancouver, Canada
2 Days
19th Apr 2021
Montreal, Canada
2 Days
19th Apr 2021
Ottawa, Canada
2 Days
19th Apr 2021
ONSITE, United States
2 Days

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