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This new service management methodology brings together the management practices of ITIL, Lean, Agile, DevOps and Organisational Change Management. It is a distinctive and forward-thinking approach that is not available from any other certification program in the industry. This includes a unique 'Full Stack' view of DevOps, which is a necessity to successfully enable improved quality, higher speed and a reduction in costs.

IT organisations are constantly challenged to improve the way services are delivered in respect to quality, speed and cost. In response to these ongoing pressures, organizations have long turned to ITSM frameworks such as ITIL to improve the quality and value of their service delivery capabilities.

In addition to ITIL, recent trends and market pressures have introduced new models, methods and concepts designed to further accelerate traditional IT management practices such as project management, software development and service delivery. However, many organisations find that these practices are leveraged in isolation by different teams. This leads to competition for resources – creating conflict and distracting management focus, rather than collaborating and gaining the benefit of integration.

The Integrated Service Management Essentials certification course adds to your knowledge of proven ITSM capabilities and demonstrates how the practices of Lean, Agile and DevOps work together with ITIL processes to enable successful outcomes, remove waste, lower costs and increase business value.

The course promotes the view that an 'integrated' approach to managing these practices is needed (and explains exactly how), and that it is not a matter of “which one do we choose?”

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