QFabric was Junipers first large-scale switching fabric providing any to any connectivity across large data centres and campus networks. QFX model switches are used to build the switching fabric which can run as standalone, top of rack and within a QFabric architecture.

The CourseMonster QFabric Track allows participants to demonstrate competence with Juniper Networks technology. The QFabric system creates a high-performance, low-latency fabric that unleashes the full power of the data centre with the simplicity of a single switch. Successful candidates demonstrate thorough understanding of the deployment, implementation, and configuration of QFabric systems.

This Web-based training (WBT) introduces the QFabric System and highlights how this next-generation system solves many of the challenges found in today’s data center environments. In this course, you will learn about the key components that make up the QFabric System. Specifically, you will learn about the Director, Interconnect, and Node devices as well as the control plane Ethernet network infrastructure, which consists of EX4200 Ethernet Switches deployed in a Virtual Chassis configuration. You will learn how these components are installed, interconnected, and configured for a typical deployment. You will learn specifics about these components including their roles and responsibilities. You will also learn how to perform the initial configuration and verification tasks for the QFabric System, once it is installed.

The learning path below shows the courses we offer that are relevant for networking professionals working with QFabric. The path shows the recommended order in which our courses should be taken and related certifications.

CourseMonster is the leading provider of in-house Troubleshooting QFabric Systems training courses. Last year we conducted over 250 Troubleshooting QFabric Systems training days at multiple customer sites in the UK, Europe and globally. All our trainers are fully qualified to deliver the very best experience and by default, all our courses are bespoke to each customers needs. Please contact us and we can conduct a free training needs analysis to identify your specific needs.

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