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CMDBID: 37513 | Course Code: IT | Duration: 2 Days
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We strongly believe that “Lean Thinking” needs to be a part of EVERY IT professional's toolkit.

Lean IT is all about understanding how to assess business processes to identify and eliminate waste. Already many IT professionals from all levels — operational, tactical and strategic — have taken the certification course and are undertaking value-added and cost cutting process improvement activities. How about you? Are you ready to learn more about what it really means to take control of processes — any process?

Here's one IT executive's view from a major insurance company:

“To date, close to 300 of our staff have taken Lean IT courses. And, more to go. I strongly believe that applying Lean and Six Sigma to IT processes has enabled us to gain numerous efficiencies…I would highly recommend Lean IT training to everyone (except our competition).”

Now it's your turn….are you ready to understand what continuous improvement really means?


This Foundation level course is the first in the new Lean IT certification program defined by the Lean IT Association. It is a mandatory requirement for all other levels within the certification scheme.

After acquiring Foundation Level Certification, you can gain a deeper, more practical level of knowledge about Lean IT and Six Sigma by taking the other courses, also offered by Pink Elephant. Click here for course descriptions.


This course prepares you for the exam leading to the Lean IT Foundation Certificate .

Based on the core principles of Lean, the two-day Foundation level certification course will help IT departments become more business-value oriented, removing waste, inflexibility and variability. The principles of Lean IT are applicable to all IT operations regardless of industry or sector. Any organization effectively applying Lean IT will notice increased user and customer satisfaction, reductions of IT costs, increased productivity, and ability to manage demand more efficiently.

Lean IT is built on the proven Lean and Six Sigma practices developed in manufacturing organizations around the world, and the new courses have been tailored for IT processes (including ITIL , COBIT , etc). Regardless of which framework or standard your IT organization has chosen, the central focus of Lean IT is about learning how to assess a process to eliminate waste, where waste is defined as something that adds no value to a product, service, or output.

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ONSITE, United States
2 Days

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