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CMDBID: 61150 | Course Code: IT | Duration: 3 Days
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“I have been able to immediately apply things I learned in Lean Leadership in my leadership role. Very practical and valuable.”


This Lean IT Leadership Certification course is one of four courses included in the new Lean IT certification program defined by the Lean IT Association. The Lean IT Foundation level course is a mandatory requirement for all other levels within the certification scheme.


What is “Lean Leadership”? It's a leadership model focused on cultural transformation enabling people to identify and deal with quality issues at the source or where work happens. The model teaches leaders about the importance of three core principles: Go See, Ask Why and Show Respect.

This 3-day certification course teaches the approach of lean leadership, focused on inspiring, enabling and empowering the organization to continuously improve through the behavior of personal accountability and a view of value creation that includes all stakeholders in a value stream.

The course provides you with the knowledge of how and why Lean Leadership is different than traditional hierarchical or command and control models. It focuses on the Lean principles such as “Gemba” (Go To Where The Work Happens) and “Jidoka” (Empowerment of the team member to “Stop The Line”) to address quality issues as soon as they are discovered. Lean Leadership principles are critical to enabling an agile team which deals quickly and effectively with service and process improvement opportunities.

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6445359 2021-03-15 ALL Virtual pinkelepha 61150 Lean IT Leadership.-2023-03-13 1
Virtual, Live Virtual
3 Days
13th Mar 2023
6445340 2021-05-20 UK London pinkelepha 61150 Lean IT Leadership.-2023-05-23 10:
London, United Kingdom
3 Days
23rd May 2023
1173837 2020-10-07 Reading Pinkelephantus.-2023-07-10 10:00:00
LVC, United Kingdom
3 Days
10th Jul 2023
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Lean IT Leadership
ONSITE, United States
3 Days

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