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Course Introduction

NEBOSH (National Examination Board for Occupational Health and Safety) offers a wide range of qualifications which are designed to meet the health, safety and environmental needs of all places of work. The NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work course provides essential knowledge and skills required to identify and control various workplace hazards and enhance the health and safety culture of the organisation. It is an introductory qualification for individuals who want to start a career in Health and Safety and also provides an excellent foundation for further NEBOSH qualifications. The course familiarizes delegates with the principles and application of health and safety management and also comply with health and safety legislation.

  • First step towards other higher level NEBOSH qualifications
  • Promote health and safety culture efficiently
  • Achieve cost savings for the business and minimise accidents
  • Greater awareness of health and safety across your organisation
  • Course delivered by highly certified and experienced trainers


The NEBOSH course is designed for anyone who wants to gain knowledge regarding health and safety principles as part of their job. The course is also beneficial for:

  • Facilities Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • HR Professionals
  • Risk Managers

Skills Gained

  • Understand the key concepts of health and safety in the organisation
  • Describe the general scope of occupational health and safety
  • Identify various hazards in the workplace and recommend corrective measures
  • Cut costs by reducing work related accidents and disruption
  • Understand and adhere to health and safety legislation
  • Identify the relevant roles and responsibilities of employees and employer
  • Learn the different ways to improve health and safety in your organisation
  • Enhance employee confidence in an improved working environment
  • Recommend others towards health and safety best practice


There are no pre-requirements for attending the NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work course. Hence, anyone can attend the course.


Fundamentals of Health and safety

  • Health and safety summary
  • Need and scope of Health and Safety principles
  • Sources of Health and Safety information

Introduction to Fire and Explosion Principles

  • Role and responsibilities of Health and Safety parties
  • Features of a system for efficiently managing Health and Safety
  • Recognize the causes of an accident at the workplace
  • Accident recording and investigation
  • Techniques to improve the performance of Health and Safety

Causes and Prevention of Fires

  • Identify the causes of fire in work activities
  • Suitable measures to minimise fire risks

Hazards and Controls related to Work Equipment

  • Describe requirements for general Health and Safety
  • Identify different types of hazards
  • Main hazards and controls for work equipment

Overview of Transport Safety

  • Hazards caused by the movement of vehicles in the workplace
  • Take control measures to ensure transport safety

Electricity Hazards and Controls

  • Hazards arise due to the usage of electricity in the workplace
  • Corrective actions to reduce the hazards using electrical equipment or work with electrical systems

Overview of Fire Safety

  • Basic fire risk assessment and benefits
  • Principles of fire controls and fire prevention in the future at the workplace

Manual handling and Controls

  • Hazards occurring from manual handling
  • Repetitive physical activities hazards
  • Techniques to control risks from manual handling
  • Describe ergonomic risks

Handle Hazardous substances and Controls

  • Identify routes of entry for hazardous substances
  • Assessment of health risks from hazardous substances
  • Control measures to reduce the risk of ill health from exposure to substances
  • Reduce the environmental impact of fire and firefighting operations

Work Environment Hazards and Controls

  • Identify common welfare and work environment requirements and hazards
  • Hazards to pedestrians in the workplace
  • Recognise common psychosocial hazards and control measures
  • Provision of first aid in the workplace

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