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CMDBID: 108980 | Course Code: MFS-OO220 | Duration: 4 Days
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This four-day course introduces students to the essential concepts and usage of the Operations Orchestration (OO) software along with some advanced features. OO is part of Micro Focus Cloud Automation solution. Working with OO includes using OO Central,the OO runtime engine,to locate,run,monitor,and perform important administrative tasks and using OO Studio to author and deploy automated workflows. A flow is a set of actions linked by decision-making logic to automate tasks. Other topics in the course include using the source control management (SCM) system,which is a useful tool for groups of flow authors to work collaboratively on projects. This course also covers creating operations and subflows using OO Studio. Furthermore,you learn about using XML processing and using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). In addition,this course shows you how to configure emails for flows,use file system integration,and so on. Finally the importance of documenting your development is discussed. The course consists of focused,task-oriented lectures,text,and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs for this course use version 201812 of the OO software

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1442121 2020-12-07 TBC Virtual global-kno Operations Orchestration Flow Develop
Virtual, Live Virtual
4 Days
13th Dec 2022
6439578 2020-12-07 TBC Virtual globalknow 108980 Operations Orchestration Flow
Virtual, Live Virtual
4 Days
13th Dec 2022
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Operations Orchestration Flow Development
ONSITE, United States
4 Days

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