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CMDBID: 105896 | Course Code: QAPAQ | Duration: 3 Days
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As the newest member of the (Alliance for Qualification (A4Q) suite of Agile courses, the Practitioner in Agile course is a practical focus accelerated learning Agile certification. It is designed to allow people with current Agile knowledge to take their skills to a practitioner level in an intensive learning environment.

The course is designed for the whole team, as everyone has an equal responsibility for product quality. It covers the key competencies required to function effectively and efficiently whilst delivering quality. The course is focused on practical application, experiential and collaborative learning through discussion and exercises.


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Start Date
1656560.0-2022-12-12 03:00:00Wellington
LVC, New Zealand
3 Days
22nd Dec 2022
6450608 2020-12-21 UK London qa 105896 Practitioner in Agile Quality inc. exami
London, United Kingdom
3 Days
28th Dec 2022
1174055.0-2023-06-19 1:00:00.Planit Brisbane Australia
Brisbane, Australia
3 Days
19th Jun 2023
gurulabs- TBC-440101-iSQI Practitioner in Agile Quality PAQ
ONSITE, United States
3 Days
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Practitioner in Agile Quality
ONSITE, United States
3 Days

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