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To effectively participate in the Unified Communications, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking boom, sales and marketing professionals need to understand the opportunities and techniques required to succeed. The SIP School™ is ‘the’ place to learn all about SIP and Cloud based communications and prepare you for the marketplace. There is so much information about SIP trunking, Cloud and UC services on the Internet that is both hard to read and poorly presented that it is difficult for people to learn about these most important services. So The SIP School™ with its lively, clear and fully animated eLearning program has become the only place to enroll to learn about SIP and Cloud Communication services - prepared exclusively with the Sales (and marketing) professional in mind. 

The SIP and Cloud - Advanced Sales training program is accompanied by the SSSP™ Certification test. To prepare for the certification test, each module has its own ‘mini’ quiz at the end to help delegates ‘gauge’ how well they are doing. 


This training is designed to suit anyone involved with the sales or marketing of SIP and Cloud based Communication services such as: Manufacturers of IP PBX and IP Phone equipment, SIP Security equipment manufacturers, SIP service (and Cloud) providers and Carriers, Network Design specialists, Sales and Marketing personnel working with VoIP equipment and services; all of these will benefit from this program.

Note 1: Even with an initial focus on the SIP and Cloud services market in the USA, the course principles are applicable to markets globally. Examples for Canada the UK and other selected countries are included.


Once you’ve purchased an access license (valid for 12 months) for this course you’ll have access to four modules (and a 5 th ‘optional’ module). You can work through the modules in order or simply choose the ones you are most interested in.

Module 1: UC, Hosted (Cloud) PBX and SIP trunking in the marketplace


1. The Marketplace

2. Why you and not them?

3. Module Summary

3.1. What is Unified Communications

3.2. Value propositions

3.3. What's happening?

3.4. Cloud 'types'

4. Marketplaces for Hosted (or Cloud) PBX

4.1. The move to Hosted PBX

4.2. Hosted PBX features

4.3. Hosted PBX (more) features

4.4. Other organizations

4.5. Value propositions

4.6. Pricing models

4.7. Mobility and the Cloud

5. Marketplaces for SIP Trunking

5.1. SIP Trunking

5.2. What is SIP Trunking?

5.3. Value Proposition

5.4. The 'Competitive' Landscape

5.4.1. SIP and Cloud 'Landscape' - US

5.4.2. and Cloud 'Landscape' - Canada

5.4.3. SIP and Cloud 'Landscape' - UK

5.4.4. SIP and Cloud 'Landscape' - Global

5.4.5. The Future Landscape?

5.5. Microsoft - From Skype 4 Business to...

5.5.1. Skype 4 Business 'on-prem' and SIP tr...

5.5.2. Microsoft Teams

5.5.3. From Skype to Teams

5.5.4. Teams and Connectivity

5.5.5. Cisco and Webex

5.5.6. MS - Cisco and More!

5.6. What you need to do

5.6.1. Focus on Quality

5.6.2. Be Supportive

5.6.3. Competent sales channel personnel

5.6.4. Package reminders

- Quizlet

5.6.5. Pricing Models and Packaging

5.6.6. Comparison site example 1

5.6.7. Comparison site example 2

5.6.8. Comparison site example 3

5.6.9. No one publishing!!!!

5.6.10. Pricing and Packaging thoughts

6. Demise of the PSTN

6.1. From the old to the new!

7. Module Summary

8. UC, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking Marketplace

8.1. The End

Module times

  • Running time = 82.21 minutes
  • Quizzes = 7 minutes
  • Total = 89.21 minutes 

Module 2: Additional Services and Opportunities


1. Additional Services and Opportunities

2. Module Summary


3.1. GDPR

3.2. GDPR Requirements

3.3. Take advantage of GDPR

3.4. HIPAA compliance

3.5. Use compliance to your advantage


4.1. WAN Optimization, Hybrids and SD-WAN

4.2. SD-WAN explained

4.3. Who 'controls' the SD-WAN?

4.4. SD-WAN example

4.5. SD_WAN 'Device' example

4.6. SD-WAN 'thoughts'

4.7. SD-WAN Market

4.8. Will you offer SD-WAN?

5. The Cloud and "Anything as a Service"

5.1. Pizza as Service

5.2. IaaS / PaaS /SaaS

6. CPaaS and APIs

6.1. What is an API?

6.2. Communications API example

6.3. The CPaaS marketplace

6.4. CPaaS Sellers Guide

7. Module Summary

8. Additional Services and Opportunities

8.1. The End

Module times

• Running time = 30.08 minutes

• Quizzes = 7 minutes

• Total = 37.08 minutes

Module 3: 

Service Development and Market Management


1. Service Development and Market Management

2. Overview

2.1. Overview (contd.)

2.2. Sales v Marketing?

2.3. Wise words

2.4. Marketing tasks

3. Areas of Coverage

3.1. Areas of Coverage

4. Create a Unique Service offering

4.1. What you need to do

4.2. Growth prediction

4.3. Why are you doing this?

4.4. Keep your customers

4.5. Diversification

4.6. More Detail

5. Define your Service offering

5.1. Dedicated and / or Hosted

5.2. BYOB?

5.3. Session Border Controllers

5.4. All models?

6. Define your Target Customers

6.1. Defining Target Customers - the detail…

7. Understand your Competition

7.1. What’s their Coverage?

7.2. F.U.D

7.3. It’s a fight…!

8. Your Technical Capabilities

8.1. Buying Decisions

8.2. Choose your Platforms

8.3. Softswitch

8.4. Session Border Controller (again!)

8.5. Billing system

8.6. Trouble Tickets

8.7. Carrier Partners

8.8. Multiple locations?

8.9. Dedicated and / or Hosted?

8.9.1. Quizlet

9. Understand your COGS

9.1. always get your COGS right…!

9.2. COGS Definition

9.3. Carrier COGS

9.4. Pricing carefully

10. Customer Service and Support

10.1. Support Availability and Methods

10.2. Support them and keep them

10.3. Great support wins business

10.3.1. Quizlet

11. Promote your Service offerings

11.1. Get a great Website

11.2. Use the Press

11.3. More Detail

11.4. Calls and Webinars

11.5. Trade shows

11.6. Promotions

11.6.1. Quizlet

12. Support your Sales Channel

12.1. Give them the tools for the job…

12.2. Training is important

12.3. Return on Investment model

12.4. Support them and keep them

12.5. Sales Incentives

13. Module Summary

14. Module Quiz

15. The End 

Module times 

• Running time = 34:32 minutes 

• Quizzes = 7 minutes

• Total = 41:32 minutes 

Module 4: 

Selling Unified Communications, Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Services 


1. Selling UC, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking

2. Module overview

2.1. Module overview (contd a:)

2.2. Module overview (contd b:)

2.3. Module overview (contd c:)

3. Establish the ‘sweet spot’

3.1. Overview

3.2. Are call minutes or ‘spends’ for you?

3.3. Replacing PRIs or ‘minimum’ minutes

3.4. Are ‘verticals’ for you?

3.5. Geographic areas a consideration?

3.6. Think differently

3.7. Laser NOT Shotgun

3.7.1. Quizlet

4. Avoid Potential Landmines

4.1. Why are you doing this?

4.2. Autodiallers and Predictive diallers

4.3. Watch ‘Carrier Partner’ costs

4.4. High Maintenance clients

5. Interpret the Status Quo

5.1. Check the customers bill

5.2. Ask ‘open’ questions

5.3. Look for ‘soft savings’

5.4. Hidden savings

5.5. Overcoming the “Status Quo” 

5.5.1. Quizlet

6. Finding ‘Added Value’

6.1. Benefit of Multiple locations

6.2. Benefit of Multiple locations (contd)

6.3. Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

6.4. Case Study, Wimbledon

7. Premises vs Cloud - what to sell?

7.1. What does your client need?

7.2. Hardware PBX solution?

7.3. Cloud based and Hosted?

7.4. Know it all…

8. Cost Justification and ROI

8.1. Give Proof not Assertions

8.2. Find the ‘Hard’ savings

8.3. Check the bill for ways to save

8.4. Cut Fees and Surchages

8.5. Find the ‘Hard’ savings (contd: a)

8.6. Find the ‘Hard’ savings (contd: b)

8.7. Analysis Spreadsheet

8.8. Find the ‘Hard’ savings (contd: c)

8.9. More Analysis using the Spreadsheet

8.10. Get your copy

8.11. Hosted PBX Cost Justification

8.11.1. Premises-based PBX requirements

8.11.2. Hosted PBX based requirements

8.11.3. Comparison illustration and Spreadsh…

8.11.4. Comparison (cont.)

  • Existing PBX Costs
  • Hosted PBX Costs
  • Compare both
  • Cost Comparison Summary

- Quizlet

9. Overcoming Objections

9.1. Conceptual objections

9.2. ‘Sunset’ of the PSTN

9.3. Technical objections

9.4. Financial objections

9.5. Emotional objections

9.6. Confront issues head on

9.6.1. Quizlet

10. It’s a Competitive world

10.1. Be prepared!

10.2. Understand your customer

10.3. Customer ‘Drivers’?

10.4. Ask about the ‘opposition’

11. Proof of Concept and Pilots

11.1. Reap what you sow

12. Frequently asked questions

12.1. Frequently Asked Questions

12.1.1 Quizlet

13. Closing the Sales

13.1. Make it easy for people to ‘buy’

13.2. Keep agreements ‘simple’

14. Keep the Sale

14.1. Stay in touch

15. Module Summary

16. Module Quiz

17. The End

Module times 

• Running time = 55:49 minutes 

• Quizzes = 7 minutes 

• Total = 62:49 minutes 

Extra Module:

MPLS, Virtualization and NFV (VNF)


1. MPLS, Virtualization, NFV and VNF

1.1. MPLS, basic explanation

1.2. MPLS Label Format (in a WAN/PPP frame)

1.3. MPLS in a MAC (Ethernet) frame

1.4. MPLS Example network

1.5. MPLS Example Network (contd.)

1.6. MPLS Benefits

1.7. Your own “Private WAN”

1.8. Not the only client

1.9. Voice and Data not mixing?

1.10. Separate MPLS networks

2. Virtualization

2.1. What is Virtualization?

2.2. Virtual Machines

2.3. Emulation

2.4. Virtual Machines (Summary)

3. Network Functions Virtualization and VNF

3.1. NFV and VNF explained

3.2. VNF example

4. End of Module 

Module times

• Running time = 12:12 minutes 

• Quizzes = 0 minutes 

• Total = 12:12 minutes 


The SIP and Cloud - Advanced Sales training program is accompanied by the SSSP™ Certification test. To prepare for the certification test, each module has its own ‘mini’ quiz at the end to help delegates ‘gauge’ how well they are doing. 

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