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CMDBID: 74830 | Course Code: 3692 | Duration: 2 Days
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What is the value stream? All of the steps that are currently performed to deliver products and services to end-users and customers, whether they add value or not. Value stream mapping has been identified as a critical skill for organizations adopting a DevOps approach.

This course is focused on Value Stream Mapping specifically in a DevOps context. Participants will learn how to create current and future state value stream maps in DevOps environments, and how to use value stream maps as a vehicle of sustained DevOps continuous improvement. Participants also gain an understanding of where streamlining and automating core processes drive quality, lessen costs and mitigate risks to align business services with IT. This drives value and identifies and reduces non-value adding activities. This DrillDown provides a practical understanding and hands-on experience with Value Stream Mapping. It was built in partnership with Mike Orzen, a recognized and prominent Lean thought leader and author.


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1130834 2020-06-22 London Learningtree.-2023-06-19 10:00:00
LVC, United Kingdom
2 Days
19th Jun 2024
1251165 2020-10-07 London Learningtree.-2023-07-12 10:00:00
London, United Kingdom
2 Days
12th Jul 2024
learningtr-UK London-200826-Value Stream Mapping for DevOps
London, United Kingdom
2 Days
29th Aug 2024
learningtr-UK London-210310-Value Stream Mapping for DevOps
London, United Kingdom
2 Days
2nd Oct 2024
learningtr-UK London-201118-Value Stream Mapping for DevOps
London, United Kingdom
2 Days
21st Nov 2024
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Value Stream Mapping for DevOps
ONSITE, United States
2 Days

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