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CMDBID: 55076 | Course Code: 3126,SUSE | Duration: 2 Days
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This course gives students the opportunity to learn about the major changes and new technologies in SLES 12. The course is a mixture of lecture and hands on sessions to allow students to learn about and experience the new and enhanced features in SLE12.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 introduces a number of innovative changes:

  • Robustness on administrative errors and improved management capabilities
  • A new workflow that allows you to register your system and receive all available maintenance updates as part of the installation.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Modules offer a choice of supplemental packages, ranging from tools for Web Development and Scripting, through a Cloud Management module, all the way to a sneak preview of SUSE's upcoming management tooling called Advanced Systems Management. Modules are part of your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription, are technically delivered as online repositories, and differ from the base of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server only by their lifecycle.
  • New core technologies like systemd (replacing the time honored System V based init process) and wicked (introducing a modern, dynamic network configuration infrastructure).
  • The open source database system MariaDB is fully supported now.
  • Support for the open-vm-tools together with VMware for better integration into VMware based hypervisor environments.
  • Linux Containers are integrated into the virtualisation management infrastructure (lib-virt). Docker is fully supported now.
  • Support for the 64 bit Little-Endian variant of IBM's POWER architecture, in addition to continued support for the Intel 64 / AMD64 and IBM System z architectures.
  • GNOME 3.10 (or just GNOME 3), giving users a modern desktop environment with a choice of several different look and feel options, including a special SUSE Linux Enterprise Classic mode for easier migration from earlier SUSE Linux Enterprise desktop environments
  • For users wishing to use the full range of productivity applications of a Desktop with their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we are now offering the SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension (needs a SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop subscription).
  • Integration with the new SUSE Customer Center, SUSE's central web portal to manage Subscriptions, Entitlements, and provide access to Support.

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2 Days

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