2 Day(s)


The objective of this course is to provide UNIX System Administrators with an introduction to system performance and tuning. At the end of the course delegates will have the skills required to monitor the performance of a Unix system, interpret performance data and tune the system for optimum performance

This course is a generic UNIX course and will cover the tools and techniques available for the most popular variants of UNIX such as Solaris, AIX,HP-UX SCO and Linux


Delegates should be competent in the skills covered by the Unix Administration course

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Introduction To System Performance System Performance issues
  • System Resources.
  • Monitoring System Activity The ps Command
  • The cron Command
  • System Accounting
  • The sar Command
  • The vmstat Command
  • Managing The Workload Reducing Workload
  • Scheduling Priority
  • Using at and cron for off-peak processing
  • CPU Performance Kernel Tables
  • Kernel Parameters
  • Monitoring CPU Usage
  • Tuning Guidelines
  • Memory Performance Paging and Swapping
  • Conserving Memory
  • Monitoring Memory Usage
  • Tuning Guidelines
  • Disk Performance Partitions and Filesystems
  • Planning and Creating Filesystems
  • Filesystem Buffers
  • Monitoring Disk Usage
  • Tuning Guidelines
  • Kernel Configuration System V Kernels
  • BSD Kernels
  • Custom Kernels

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