5 Day(s)


This course is intended for members of order management implementation teams (customer, partner, system integrator) who are responsible for defining, designing, developing, and deploying Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM) solutions. The course focuses primarily on implementing orchestration orders

The course will provide an overview of Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD), OSM, and orchestration orders. Central order management scenarios will be provided to teach you how to design and apply OSM's decomposition and orchestration capabilities to create solutions. You will learn all the required components for orchestration orders in order to properly interface with external systems. The course will wrap up with design considerations from a solutions design and development perspectives


  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultant

Skills Gained

  • Design a decomposition algorithm
  • Support change management scenarios
  • Design orchestration stages
  • Implement point of no return and follow on orders


Required Prerequisites:

  • OSM Foundations I: Tasks, Processes and Orders

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • J2EE platform
  • Workflow concepts, process modeling concepts
  • XML technologies including XPath, XQuery and XSLT
  • Web services

Course Specifics

Course Outline


  • Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery
  • Order and Service Management Overview
  • Orchestration Overview

Design Studio Platform

  • Design Studio Architecture
  • Design Studio Components (workspaces, workbench, perspectives, views, and editors)
  • Preferences (workspace, packaging, and language)
  • Builds
  • Packaging
  • Environments and Cartridge Deployment
  • Best Practices

Sales Order to OSM Order

  • Understanding an in-bound message
  • Using CreateOrder Web Service to submit a message
  • Using a recognition rule to validate and create an OSM order

Orchestration Order and Process

  • Process Order
  • Orchestration Order
  • Orchestration Plans
  • Orchestration Flow
  • Orchestration Process
  • Orchestration Sequence

Order Item Specification

  • Order Item Definition
  • Order Item Properties
  • XML Datatype
  • Order Template
  • Order Item Hier


Fulfillment Patterns
  • Fulfillment Mode
  • Fulfillment Functions
  • Fulfillment Function Order Component

Product Classes

  • Representing product classes in OSM
  • Importing product catalog
  • Mapping to product specification
  • Identifying an order item with product class

Putting Decomposition and Orchestration Together

  • Decomposition stages and orchestration dependencies to generate an orchestration plan
  • Submit an order and view the orchestration plan

System Topology

  • Modeling system topology
  • Modeling rules
  • System Interactions

Granularity Decomposition

  • Supporting system interface granularities
  • Using and managing order component IDs
  • How simple model changes can support system interface granularity changes

Orchestration Dependencies

Associated Order Items

Calculating Order Start Time

  • Supporting requestsed delivery date
  • Future Dated Order
  • Duration

Data, Status, and Milestone Management

  • Milestone tracking
  • Exceptions
  • Enriched data from system interactions
  • System interaction status responses

Point of No Return

  • Defining Point of No Return
  • Implementing Point of No Return

Follow On Order

  • How to configure a follow on order

Order Change Management

  • How order change management functions in an orchestration context

Solution Design Considerations

  • Cartridge design guidelines
  • Cross order communication and coordination
  • Cartridges and versioning considerations
  • Integration considerations
  • User community considerations

Sizing, Performance, and Tuning Considerations

Development Considerations

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