SFIA - Maximise the Benefits

Develop the skills you need and don't have

There is a maxim about development, only develop the skills you need and don't have, which sounds straight forward but isn't always a foregone conclusion. Using skills frameworks enables an organisation to focus their effort on these areas. So what is a skills framework, put simply it lists the required skills, or competency, for a given role. For IT there is an established framework SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) that defines skills for IT roles. However for most organisations their corporate roles don't fit neatly into SFIA. This leads to a 3 step process, define existing or desired roles using SFIA (or any other appropriate skills framework), assess existing skills against these roles and develop a training plan to bridge any skills gaps in the most efficient way. This leads to more efficient and effective human resource management of IT staff.

  • identify the SKILLS you NEED
  • identify the SKILLS you HAVE
  • and identify how to DEVELOP the SKILLS gaps.

Working togdther with SKILLSforIT, Coursemonster can offer a consultancy service to guide organisations through this process. In addition online objective assessment of SFIA skills can be added to the process allowing for validation of skills. SKILLSforIT use SFIA accredited consultants who will work with you to develop solutions that meet your needs. Solutions can contain scheduled or custom training, self-paced training, workshops, certification, etc. tailored to the exact requirements of the customer. Engagements can be short term change initiated or longer term staff development programme and any variations between. SKILLSforIT's aim is to make skills frameworks work for the customer.