Get your thumb ready

Have you noticed CourseMonster is different?

Not completely, of course. We still hold the most comprehensive online catalogue of IT technical and soft skill training courses in the UK. And you can still find and submit a request for training (or general information) in just 3 clicks. So what's different?

From the ground up, CourseMonster has redesigned the site to make it easier to use on mobile phones and smart device. That means you can locate training courses and dates on your favourite gadget. Whether you are sitting on the train, or having lunch, you can browse our catalogue without squinting, or zooming in and out.

Key changes are:

  • Pages fit snuggly in a small screen
  • Links and buttons can be easily clicked with you thumb
  • The information you seek is right in the palm of your hand!

This doesn't mean it will stop working on your desktop computer. We think it looks great on a big screen as well, and you can find everything you need... same as before.

Managing Director, Kelvin Durcan says, "CourseMonster's goal is to provide World Class Learning Services. By rebuilding our flagship website for mobile users we are offering our customers something new; leading the way in training search. By combining the new website with our impressive catalogue of training courses - and backed up by training specialists - we ensure CourseMonster's users and customers save time and resources in meeting their learning objectives."

See below for details about just some of the site's new features:

Upcoming Dates

For any courses in your search, go to the bottom of the page to see a list of upcoming dates. If any training is available in the next 40 days, it will be listed here. Now you can submit an enquiry in less that 3 clicks!

Courses Organised into Sub Topics

When you search for training in a topic like Microsoft or Oracle, the number of results can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we reorganised our catalogue to work hand-in-hand with the new design. When possible results come in manageable sub topics; like products or categories. Scroll down, clicking the light coloured bar matching the topic or product you are interested in. Any training courses for that area will show. If you can't find the topic - look for the bar at the top of the page called View ... Training.

Search by Location

If you are looking for a training date in a particular location, type the town into the search box with your other keywords. If there is a known date, it will be displayed at the bottom of the results. If you don't see a date, never fear - contact us anyway and we can organise a suitable alternative.

More to come

We won't stop there! Over the next few weeks we will be adding easy-to-use features, more content, more courses, more dates, and more news about training. Coming soon: an easy way to find training for the most essential certifications for IT technicians and project managers.

We are proud of our new site, and hope you find it easy to use. But we didn't design it for us, we designed it for you; and we welcome any criticisms or suggestions you might have. Use the email address, phone number, or "Request Callback" button below to let us know what you think.

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