Whether for a new job, promotion or contract, upskilling takes your career to a new level.

An expert in Hadoop, Spring or Hibernate, you'll be the best candidate for any Java-developer job. No one is better than VPP at giving you fast, accessible and comprehensive training online. Start learning right now - there's no need to wait for the next scheduled course.

Each download offers instructional videos, practical exercises and sample code. Even better, if you get stuck while studying, they support you: answering queries, clarifying points, checking code. So, you get the benefits of a face-to-face course, at your own pace and at a fraction of the price!

VPP programmes are:

  • High quality;
  • Far cheaper than face-to-face courses - more accessible than a book;
  • Written and presented by experts trainers;
  • Set out with clear examples, easy to follow and comprehensive;
  • Available to download and keep;
  • Have no time limit and never expire;
  • You can study wherever you wish - you don't have to be online;
  • Ready to get you started right away.

Many of our customers have landed new jobs with these programmes, which are used in over 60 countries.

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