PRINCE2 Agile Foundation

2 days


Course Introduction

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course is designed to provide the delegates with the knowledge and skills required to master the core concepts and terminologies of two different and disparate project management methods that is PRINCE2 and Agile. This course is intended as another route for the PRINCE2 agile practitioner. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course familiarises delegates with the agile methodology which is based on iterative development. During the training, the delegates will learn how to develop a disciplined project management process which promotes teamwork, accountability and self-organisation.

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  • Gain agile project management certification
  • Learn how to use the PRINCE2 methodology in the agile context
  • Key learning points and tutor support
  • Experienced and certified instructors


PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is for candidates who are new to PRINCE2 and are working in or around an agile project environment. The course covers an overview of PRINCE2, an introduction to agile, and how to apply the two together


PRINCE2 Agile has been developed for anyone who delivers projects, large or small, in an agile context. It is a valuable training and certification scheme for anyone working within an agile project environment, whether they be a project manager, project support or part of the wider project team.

PRINCE2 Agile equips practitioners and organizations with the ability to deliver agile projects by tailoring the PRINCE2 project management method with a broad toolset of agile delivery techniques and frameworks. In this way practitioners, will leverage the benefits of agile ways of working such as iterative and incremental delivery while maintaining a structure of project governance.

Skills Gained

After completion of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge of PRINCE2 Agile to be able to:

  • Prepare for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Exam
  • Understand the key aspects of PRINCE2
  • Understand basic concepts behind common agile ways of working
  • Demonstrate the purpose of combining PRINCE2 with agile
  • Be able to fix and flex the six aspects of a project in an agile context
  • Apply the PRINCE2 principles and tailor the themes, processes and management products to a project in an agile context
  • Incorporate the areas that can support a PRINCE2 Agile implementation


There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

Course Outline


Part 1

Overview of PRINCE2

  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • PRINCE2 Processes and Themes
  • PRINCE2 Management Products
  • PRINCE2 Journey with Agile

An Introduction to Agile

  • Agile Manifesto
  • Waterfall vs Agile
  • Agile basics and framework
  • Agile behaviours, concepts and techniques

Blending PRINCE2 and Agile

  • What PRINCE2 Agile comprises of
  • Eight PRINCE2 Agile Guidance Points

What to fix, and what to flex

  • Performance targets and tolerance
  • The “Hexagon”
  • The five targets

Part 2

Agile Behaviours and the PRINCE2 Principles

  • Applying PRINCE2 principles
  • PRINCE2 Agile behaviours

Agile and the PRINCE2 Themes

  • Tailoring the PRINCE2 Themes
  • Tracking progress with burn charts

Agile and the PRINCE2 Processes

  • Relating agile processes to PRINCE2 processes
  • Tailoring starting up a project and initiating a project
  • Tailoring controlling a stage and managing product delivery processes
  • Scrum overview and Lean Startup
  • Tailoring managing a stage boundary process
  • Tailoring closing a project process
  • Tailoring directing a project

Part 3

Focus Areas

  • Agilometer
  • Requirements
  • Rich Communication
  • Workshops
  • Frequent releases


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