Oracle Database SQL Workshop II

2 days


This Oracle Database: SQL Workshop II helps you enhance your skills as an Application developer by learning how to manage the database objects, data dictionary views and multicolumn subqueries.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • Expert Oracle instructors will teach you how to write more efficient queries using the functions that support timezone and regular expressions.
  • Introduction
  • Course Objectives, Course Agenda and Appendixes Used in this Course
  • Provide an insight of the development environments
  • Tables used in the Course
  • Review of the SQL Concepts
  • Introduction to Data Dictionary Views
  • Introduction to Data Dictionary
  • Describe the Data Dictionary Structure
  • Using the Data Dictionary Views
  • Querying the Data Dictionary Views
  • Creating Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes
  • Overview of sequences
  • Overview of synonyms
  • Overview of indexes
  • Creating Views
  • Overview of views
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Managing constraints
  • Creating and using temporary tables
  • Creating and using external tables
  • Retrieving Data by Using Subqueries
  • Retrieving Data by Using a Subquery as Source
  • Working with Multiple-Column subqueries
  • Using Scalar subqueries in SQL
  • Correlated Subqueries
  • Working with the WITH clause
  • Manipulating Data by Using Subqueries
  • Using Subqueries to Manipulate Data
  • Inserting by Using a Subquery as a Target
  • Using the WITH CHECK OPTION Keyword on DML Statements
  • Using Correlated Subqueries to Update and Delete rows
  • Controlling User Access
  • System privileges
  • Creating a role
  • Object privileges
  • Revoking object privileges
  • Manipulating Data
  • Overview of the Explicit Default Feature
  • Using multitable INSERTs
  • Using the MERGE statement
  • Performing flashback operations
  • Tracking Changes in Data
  • Managing Data in Different Time Zones
  • Working with INTERVAL data types
  • Using Datetime functions in queries

Overview of views Managing Schema Objects

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