VMware vSphere Practitioner Workshop

3 days


In this five-day workshop, you will perform various tasks that a system administrator performs on a regular basis.These tasks include updating and upgrading an existing basic VMware vSphere environment and troubleshooting common problems. You apply the concepts learned during the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage course, while you increase your skill and competence.

This course is based on ESXi 6.7 amd vCenter Server 6.7


System administrators and engineers, with beginner to intermediate knowledge of vSphere, who want to gain proficiency in the management of the vSphere lifecycle

Skills Gained

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Explore VMware vSphere Distributed Switch configuration options
  • Construct a vSphere Distributed Switch for VMware vSphere vMotion and VM Traffic
  • Discuss vSphere storage concepts
  • Differentiate between VMware vSphere VMFS and NFS datastores
  • Construct an iSCSI VMkernel Interface on a vSphere Distributed Switch
  • Create VMFS datastores
  • Discuss vSphere vMotion migration workflow
  • Discuss VMware vSphere Storage vMotion migration workflow
  • Complete virtual machine storage migrations
  • Automate virtual machine migrations using VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • Discuss VMware vCenter Server migration paths
  • Complete a migration of Windows vCenter Server to VMware vCenter Server Appliance
  • Discuss VMware vSphere Update Manager concepts
  • Perform VMware ESXiTM hosts upgrades using vSphere Update Manager
  • Employ host profiles to configure an ESXi host
  • Configure VMware vSphere High Availability
  • Demonstrate the ESXi Cluster Quickstart feature
  • Create a content library
  • Create a virtual machine template
  • Create customization specifications
  • Deploy a virtual machine from a template in the content library
  •  Clone virtual machines
  • Configure vCenter Server Appliance backup
  • Forward vCenter Server Appliance log files to a remote syslog server
  •  Configure VMware vCenter Server High Availability


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage course- VSICM

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Overview of modules and course objectives

vSphere Networking

  • Describe vSphere Distributed Switch architecture
  • Create and configure a vSphere Distributed Switch for virtual machine and vMotion traffic
  • Migrate vSphere networking interfaces to a vSphere Distributed Switch

vSphere Storage

  • Identify storage protocols and iSCSI storage components
  • Create and manage VMware vSphere VMFS and NFS datastores
  • Explain how multipathing works with iSCSI

vSphere vMotion

  • Perform vSphere Storage vMotion migrations
  • Use vSphere DRS clusters to improve host scalability
  • View information about a vSphere DRS cluster

vSphere Upgrade

  • Discus vCenter Server migration paths and steps
  • Migrate and upgrade vCenter Server for Windows to vCenter Server Appliance
  • Describe the architecture, components, and capabilities of vSphere Update Manager
  • Use vSphere Update Manager to manage the update of ESXi hosts

vSphere Cluster Operations

  • Add ESXi hosts to vCenter Server
  • Describe and use host profiles
  • Customize ESXi host configuration
  • Configure and manage a vSphere HA cluster
  • Create and customize a cluster using the Quickstart workflow

Virtual Machine Management

  • Define and use content libraries
  • Use templates and cloning to deploy new virtual machines
  • Use customization specification files to customize a new virtual machine

Native Features of vCenter Server Appliance

  • Access and configure the vCenter Server Appliance management interface
  • Create a vCenter Server Appliance backup schedule
  • Configure vCenter Server High Availability

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