Developing Consensus amongst Stakeholders Training

2 days


This seminar focuses on how to help stakeholders identify and agree upon goals, both for specific tasks and the larger organization. In this interactive seminar, participants will learn, discuss, and participate in multiple exercises to identify and categorize stakeholders and then help those stakeholders prioritize both organizational and tasks-specific goals. Attendees will also identify common barriers to reaching group consensus and strategies for overcoming those barriers.

With its focus on processes and people, the seminar combines communications, stakeholder, and human resource management – a unique offering that comprehensively ties together not just task completion, but also the people who complete them.


This course is appropriate for employees at all levels. While not required, groups of employees who frequently work together may find it helpful to attend the course together.

Skills Gained

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a stakeholder inventory and stakeholder analysis.
  • Know methods to determine organizational and tasks goals.
  • Identify the benefits and disadvantages associated with common requirements gathering techniques.
  • Know how to write a requirements statement.
  • Identify common decision-making (prioritization) models.
  • Explain environmental, cultural and individual barriers to consensus and how to address them.
  • Develop a stakeholder and communications management plan.
  • Introduction
  • Who Are the Stakeholders?
  • Agreeing on the Problem
  • Agreeing on the Solution
  • Prioritizing the Solution: Developing Consensus
  • Managing Barriers to Consensus
  • What to Do Next


There are no prerequisites for this course.

14 PDUs

2 days

Course Outline

Outline of Developing Consensus amongst Stakeholders Training 1. Introduction

  • Session Overview
  • Personal Introductions

2. Who Are the Stakeholders?

  • Taking a Stakeholder Inventory
  • Tools for Stakeholder Analysis

Exercise: Case Study Stakeholder Inventory and Analysis

  • Now What? How to Use a Stakeholder Inventory

3. Agreeing on the Problem

  • What's wrong with the Way Things Are?
  • Comparing the Present and the Future: Needs Assessments and Gap Analyses
  • Clarifying Organizational Goals
  • Evaluating Solution Alternatives: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment

Exercise: Case Study Problem Definition

4. Agreeing on the Solution

  • Identifying Solution Requirements
  • Requirements Collection Techniques Pros and Cons

Exercise: Choosing Requirements Collection Techniques for a Case Study

  • Documenting Requirements Clearly

Exercise: Writing Requirements for a Case Study

5. Prioritizing the Solution: Developing Consensus

  • Identifying Prioritization Criteria
  • Accounting for Risk
  • Scoring and Ranking Solutions

Exercise: Building a Prioritization Model for a Case Study

6. Managing Barriers to Consensus

  • Why Is Agreement So Challenging? Communication Basics
  • Identifying and Addressing Environmental Barriers: Choosing Methods and Media
  • Identifying and Addressing Group Cultural Barriers: Managing Group Dynamics
  • Identifying and Addressing Individual Barriers: Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Exercise: Case Study Communications Planning

7. What to Do Next: Seminar Wrap Up and Follow-On References

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