Project Leadership Building High Performance Teams Training

1 days


Project teams are becoming more commonplace in organizations as businesses work to stretch and align resources. In this course students will learn how to set the foundation for a High Performance Team. They will learn how to analyze projects at a high level and consider performance constraints. Students will learn the integral pieces to developing a high performing team and techniques to keep it working at a high level. They will discuss why some teams fail and explore ways that their teams can maintain a competitive edge.

Skills Gained

  • Ability to analyze current state and future goals of the team
  • Ability to create team mission and vision
  • Aligning team work with corporate goals
  • Importance the 3 must have team roles
  • Learn about maintaining team performance

1 Day

Course Outline

Outline of Project Leadership: Building High Performance Teams Training 1. Perform initial team analysis

  • Evaluate current performance
  • Catalog individual strengths
  • Create professional development plans
  • Create value proposition
  • Develop mission statement

2. Creating the team identity

  • Agree on team purpose and overall deliverables
  • Develop team values
  • Develop team communication strategy
  • Balancing team member autonomy with responsibility
  • Creating shared leadership
  • Define the team's benefit to the organization
  • Define the team's strategy for cooperation.
  • Ways to foster team trust

3. Interfacing with Projects

  • Implement Project/Initiative follow up activities
  • Clearly align work with project goals
  • Implement project performance feedback loops
  • Implement project work vs. other work intervention strategy

4. Goals Management

  • Create team stretch goals
  • Create technician level goals
  • Establish a collaborative environment
  • Implement a team and individual goals update meeting
  • Communicate team goals globally

5. Defining team Roles

  • Team Lead
  • Communication Lead
  • Team Member

6. Remaining competitive

  • Strategies to use 360 feedback tools
  • Adherence to Professional Development Plans
  • Implement Cross training programs
  • Seek out special projects
  • Create "Innovation Release Time"
  • Set stretch team level stretch goals
  • Develop team on-boarding program

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