Project Quality Management Training

2 days


While everyone seems to recognize “high quality” when they see it, most organizations still struggle with incorporate quality-supportive processes and tools into their project planning. While this seminar, updated to reflect the 5th edition Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), defines and discusses the three classic project quality processes – Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control – it also focuses on how to incorporate “quality” thinking into project processes most organizations are already using. Seminar attendees will review important concepts associated with the modern quality movement and in particular examine the link between customer expectations, project scope, and project quality. Using a case study project, attendees will also participate in multiple interactive exercises to clearly define customer expectations, write quality-supportive requirements, design quality audits to promote continuous process improvement, select the right quality control tools for the right project, and finally build a Quality Management Plan that traces requirements, metrics, quality tools, and project scope all together to produce outputs that are what the customer wanted – not just what they asked for.


This course is appropriate for employees working on projects at all levels. It supports participants preparing for project management certification and also employees working on projects as team members.

Skills Gained

  • At the end of this seminar, each participant will be able to:
  • Define “quality” and key quality concepts and terms
  • Know the evolution of quality-related thinking and how it pertains to modern projects
  • Differentiate between customer expectations, standards, and requirements
  • Write quality-supportive requirements statements
  • Design a quality audit to promote project, product, and process improvement
  • Know basic quality-related statistical terms and concepts
  • Identify the Seven Basic Tools of Quality
  • Select quality control tools appropriate for different project types
  • Create a Quality Management Plan that links customer expectations, project scope, product requirements, and success metrics
  • Introduction
  • Quality's Foundations
  • Quality Planning for Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • Quality Control Concepts and Tools
  • Putting it All Together: Building a Quality Management Plan


There are no prerequisites for this course.

14 PDUs

2 days

Course Outline

Outline of Project Quality Management Training 1. Introduction

  • Session Overview
  • Personal Introductions

2. Quality's Foundations

  • Defining Quality
  • Project Quality and Project Scope
  • Quality Management's Evolution
  • Characteristics, Concepts, and Founders of the Modern Quality Movement

3. Quality Planning for Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Expectations, Standards, and Requirements
  • Writing Quality-Supportive Requirements
  • Building a Standards-Requirements Matrix

4. Quality Assurance Tools

  • Quality Assurance versus Quality Control
  • Designing a Quality Audit

5. Quality Control Concepts and Tools

  • Quality Statistics 101
  • The Seven Basic Tools of Quality
  • Selecting the Right Quality Control Tool for the Right Project
  • Defining Metrics

6. Putting it All Together: Building a Quality Management Plan

  • Tracing Scope, Quality, and Customer Expectations Together

7. Seminar Wrap Up and References

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