Agile for Product Owners Workshop Training

1 days


The Agile for Product Owners 2-day class is a full-immersion course intended for product owners, requirements analysts and business SMEs to learn in a collaborative environment the nuts and bolts of creating, managing and refining an Agile backlog. After doing a deep dive into the Product Owner role and responsibilities, participants will engage in learning prioritization techniques, breaking down epics, writing good stories and acceptance criteria, as well as strategies to engage stakeholders and keep the team motivated. Students will participate in exercises, in-depth discussion, case studies and techniques to help illustrate Product Ownership best practices and principles.


This course is intended for all roles who would be actively engaged in creating, prioritizing and maintaining Agile backlogs including Product Owners, Business/Requirements Analysts and Business SMEs.

Skills Gained

  • Deep dive into the Product Owner role
  • Expectations of the Product Owner
  • Time management for the busy Product Owner
  • The Product Owner's Expectations for the Team
  • Working with Business Users & SMEs
  • Defining a Vision and Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Building the Product Backlog
  • Best Practices for Identifying & Writing Stories
  • Effective Prioritization techniques
  • Writing good Acceptance Criteria
  • Conducting Refinement sessions
  • Being a “Leader” & setting goals
  • Motivating High-Performing Teams


A basic understanding of the Agile lifecycle is recommended.

2 Days

Course Outline

Outline of Agile for Product Owners Workshop Training 1. Deep Dive into the Product Owner Role

  • What is Expected from the Product Owner?
  • Time Management
  • Product Owner Proxies
  • What You Should Expect of the Team and SM
  • Managing Team Conflicts
  • Becoming a Servant Leader

2. The Agile Planning Framework

  • What are the Agile Levels of Planning?
  • What is the Impact of Multitasking and not Limiting WIP?
  • What Does an Enterprise Lean Portfolio View Look Like?
  • How to Apply Agile to Idea Qualification and Project Initiation?
  • What Does 'Progressive Elaboration' and 'Rolling Wave Planning' mean?
  • How Can I Tailor the Planning Process to My Own Needs?

3. Creating the Product Backlog

  • Types of Backlogs
  • Types of Stories
  • Epics vs Stories

4. Guidelines to Good Stories

  • Story Best Practices
  • What makes a Good Story (sizing and substance)
  • Finding Additional Stories
  • Balance of Up-Front vs Just-in-Time details

5. Defining Acceptance Criteria

  • What are Acceptance Criteria
  • Qualities of Good Acceptance Criteria
  • When to write Acceptance Criteria

6. Refining the Product Backlog

  • Backlog Grooming
  • Prioritizing the Backlog
  • Story Elaboration

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