Coaching and Mentoring

1 days


All organisations need talented people who are motivated to achieve. Coaching and mentoring has an important role to take here, because they are an excellent way of developing both skills and particularly a positive attitude towards work. Successful coaches and mentors recognise their role requires high levels of skill to be able to work both quickly and well. This course will equip you with these skills. An important feature of this course is the confidential setting, so delegates can explore and receive ideas on how to deal with their own real situations.

This Coaching and Mentoring course is available throughout the UK.


Ideal for directors, managers and supervisors who are responsible for the performance of others. HR Professionals seeking to develop these skills within an organisation will also benefit from this course

Skills Gained

  • An awareness of how coaching and mentoring fits into your Organisation
  • An understanding of the differences between coaching and mentoring
  • A range of tools and techniques that you can apply
  • Ways to improve individual performance
  • An opportunity to practice skills using real situations and receive feedback

Course Outline

09:30 Introductions and personal objectives

10:00 Differences between coaching and mentoring, including how clients try to avoid talking about real issues.

10.15 Coaching and mentoring as a cost effective strategic tool. (Consideration of the cost effectiveness of coaching)

11:15 Syndicate discussion on professional boundaries & building relationships (Opportunity for delegates to discuss real issues facing them. The session will also cover the setting of professional boundaries).

11:45 Personal qualities of an effective Coach. (Delegates assess themselves against desirable qualities for a coach to possess)

12:15 Coaching process and key questioning skills (The three step coaching process is described, followed by a game to explore questioning skills)

13:45 Understanding skills (This session gives a range of techniques to increase understanding and includes practice in small groups)

14:15 Giving feedback and handling sensitive situations (Feedback rules agreed, then delegates have the opportunity to work on real sensitive situations they need to resolve)

15:00 Coaching models (Two coaching models are used, one for practical skills and the other for developing personal skills)

15:30 Practice session, using delegates' own situations (Delegates both coach and receive coaching on an area of personal development)

16:30 Summary & Action Plans Agreed

Thinking about Onsite?

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Onsite1 700 700 2019-07-16
Nottingham1 460 £460 2019-07-17
Edinburgh1 460 £460 2019-07-18
Leeds1 460 £460 2019-07-25
Birmingham1 460 £460 2019-08-13
Edinburgh1 460 £460 2019-09-03
London1 460 £460 2019-09-13
Birmingham1 460 £460 2019-09-24
London1 460 £460 2019-11-11
Manchester1 460 £460 2019-11-11