2-3 Day(s)


This 2-day instructor led training course covers how Virtual Connect integrates with c_Class blade echnology. It covers the integration and use of Virtual Connect (VC) Ethernet and Fibre Channel technology. Students will configure the Virtual Connect Ethernet and Virtual Connect Fiber channel modules. Each topic will involve lab scenarios that will reflect real-world scenarios for network connectivity


Administrators, engineers and consultants who will plan and manage the configuration of HP ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class network connectivity and blade servers

Skills Gained

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to

  • Discuss the deployment and management tools available for HP Virtual Connect solutions
  • Discuss the architecture of the HP Virtual Connect components and their benefits
  • Prepare and deploy the HP Virtual Connect Module and Enterprise Manager
  • Choose the appropriate mezzanine card and interconnect options for HP Virtual Connect
  • Explain how to connect HP Virtual Connect to a Storage Area Network
  • Configure HP Virtual Connect from command line or script


  • Completion of HP BladeSystem Administration HE646S (or equivalent knowledge). HE646S
  • Basic Windows Server 2000/2003 knowledge

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Virtual Connect Overview

  • c-Class BladeSystem Interconnect Modules for Every Need
  • Simplify and make your data center change-ready
  • Pass Through: Too many cables Problem: Error prone and costly
  • Administrative Domain Comparisons
  • Traditional servers
  • Virtual Connect environment: 3 Key Components to a VC Infrastructure
  • HP 1/10Gb-F Virtual Connect Ethernet Module
  • HP 1/10Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet Module
  • HP Virtual Connect FC Module
  • Virtual Connect - Ethernet
  • How do VC-Enet uplinks look from the data center network perspective?
  • HP Virtual Connect Manager
  • Virtual Connect - Fibre channel
  • HP Virtual Fibre Channel One SAN per VC-FC
  • Virtual Connect Logical Flow

Virtual Connect Enclosure Overview

  • BladeSystem c-Class enclosure positioning and comparison
  • c7000 Overview and Enclosure
  • c7000 Enclosure - fully redundant
  • c7000 enclosure device bay and interconnect bay numbering
  • Standby Onboard Administrator
  • Onboard Administrator cabling
  • c3000 Overview, Front View and Rear view
  • c3000 enclosure device bay and interconnect bay numbering
  • c3000 Onboard Administrator tray
  • c3000 Onboard Administrator link module
  • c7000 and c3000 Port Mapping
  • Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Port Mapping
  • VC-FC uplink usage mapping and usage

Virtual Connect Deployment

  • Virtual Connect Ethernet MAC addresses
  • Virtual Connect Fibre Channel WWNs
  • Virtual Connect Fibre Channel port types and logins
  • Fibre Channel zoning and SSP
  • VC Enet Technology Definitions
  • Virtual Connect pre-deployment planning
  • Building a Virtual Connect environment
  • Virtual Connect out-of-the-box steps
  • Virtual Connect Manager
  • Accessing the VC Manager through the Onboard Administrator
  • Virtual Connect Manager Logon page
  • Setting up Virtual Connect
  • Virtual Connect role-based privileges
  • Security and permissions
  • Shared Uplink Sets page
  • Ethernet Networks page
  • Defining and setting the Server Profile
  • Failover and configuration backup
  • Virtual Connect Management
  • Configuration Backup and Restore
  • Best Practices: VC-Enet Uplinks
  • VC Uplinks and Redundancy
  • VC Uplinks and Load Balancing
  • VC Command Line
  • Virtual Connect Firmware

Use Cases for VC-Enet in a Cisco Network

  • Scenario 1 Single network connection
  • Scenario 2 Combining multiple uplink ports
  • Scenario 3 Basic VLANs (untagged)
  • Scenario 4 Basic VLAN sharing a port trunk
  • Scenario 5 Multiple VLANs sharing a single port
  • Scenario 6 Multiple VLANs sharing a port trunk
  • Scenario 7 Host-based VLANs
  • Scenario 8 VLANs sharing a port trunk and VLAN-trunk
  • Scenario 9 Simple network failover
  • Scenario 10 Network failover with LACP
  • Scenario 11 Aggregating NIC bandwidth
  • Scenario 12A Network failover using SmartLink
  • Scenario 12B Network failover without SmartLink
  • Scenario 13 Typical VMware ESX implementation scenario

HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

  • Benefits and Value
  • Multi-Domain Management
  • Domain Grouping
  • Server Profile Movement
  • Server Profile Movement - Recovery
  • Server Profile Movement - Disaster Recovery
  • VCEM User Interface
  • Installation and Operations Overview
  • VCEM Licensing

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Upcoming Dates

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2 1470 £1470 2018-08-08
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