3 Day(s)


This qualification covers the Software Asset Management (SAM) processes as described in the SAM module within IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and closely follows the ISO 19770-12006 Standard. The qualification also considers the interdependencies between ITIL Service Management principles in general and SAM

The course will provide delegates with a clear understanding of all the key components of SAM best practice and will be able to return to their organisation and make a significant contribution to the SAM process

This course prepares delegates for the BCS (formerly ISEB) Certificate in Software Asset Management Essentials examination

BCS courses are delivered by Accredited BCS Training Partners


The course will benefit anyone who is involved, or is about to be involved, in the SAM process e.g. IT managers (and others working in the IT department), IT auditors and software compliance officers

Skills Gained

This course will enable delegates to

  • Describe the objectives and major activities required to implement SAM
  • Explain and use SAM techniques and processes
  • Be aware of the support tools and techniques available for the implementation of SAM
  • Be able to indicate how possible improvements can be made
  • Manage software assets through the stages of their lifecycle
  • Prepare and distribute SAM reports and plans throughout the organisation


Candidates should have 1-2 years experience in IT and be involved in the management or procurement of software. They should also have a good awareness of IT Service Management terminology and concepts. Candidates will be greatly advantaged if they already hold the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Course Specifics

Course Outline

SAM: Introduction, principles and impacts

  • Activities involved in SAM
  • Development and evolution of SAM
  • Need for SAM and principles involved
  • Plans to the approach to the implementation of SAM
  • Potential benefits, costs and problems associated with software and its usage
  • Special characteristics of software assets and software licences
  • SAM processes and potential areas of weakness
  • Software supply chain and the roles of the organisations involved

Business case for SAM

  • Considerations and the content of a SAM business case
  • Obtaining appropriate information to produce a SAM business case
  • Production of a SAM business case

SAM roles and responsibilities

  • Defining and agreeing roles and responsibilities
  • Organisational factors to be considered
  • Specific responsibilities including audit, reconciliation work and contract management

The SAM process

  • Overall SAM process framework
  • Stages in the lifecycle of software assets
  • SAM processes groups and policies and procedures required

Implementation of SAM

  • Stages and activities involved, including initiation
  • Outline plan for the implementation of SAM
  • Resource requirements of product and business as usual activities

Tools and techniques

  • Types of SAM tools and their usage
  • Criteria, justification, selection and procurement of appropriate tools
  • Management and maintenance of SAM information


  • SAM related reports required throughout the organisation
  • Measurements, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) of SAM
  • Report analysis and instigation of process improvements

Interfaces and dependencies

  • Interfaces with other IT and service management processes
  • Inter dependencies of one on the other.

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