ITIL Service Lifecycle Service Operation

3 days


Course Introduction

ITIL Service Lifecycle-Service Operation course is one of the five lifecycle courses that fit into the intermediate stream for ITIL certification. This training programme ensures that the IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently. This stage of service lifecycle includes meeting user requirements, resolving problems, fixing service failures and much more. It is the module contributing to the ITIL Experts in IT Service Management. During the training, our trainer will focus on processes, operational activities and principles that help the organisations and individuals to manage their products and services effectively.

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This course is primarily for IT Managers and Practitioners involved in the strategy, design, implementation and on- going support and delivery of business IT services and those interfacing with information systems who require an insight into Service Management best practice. This may include Business Analysts, Business Relationship Managers, Project and Programme staff.


Skills Gained

Target Audience

  • Delegates who have attained the ITIL Foundation certificate and wish to advance to higher level of ITIL certifications.
  • Individuals who want to enhance the quality of IT service within an organisation.
  • Individual who require an understanding of Service Operation in detail.
  • Those who are involved in the ongoing management or coordination of operational activities within the Service Lifecycle.


The candidates must possess one of the following documents:

  • ITIL v3 or 2011 Foundation
  • ITIL v2 Foundation and v2/v3 Foundation Bridge.

Essential Prerequisites

  • A copy of examination certificate of the candidate
  • You must confirm entry in the AXELOS candidate register. You have to provide the full SCR number.
  • Delegates without evidence of the prerequisites will not be allowed to sit for the exam. In case your pre-requisites was taken with PeopleCert, just inform Best Practice Training of this information before the exam event.

Proof of identification:

  • Delegates are required to provide their valid ID proof with a valid signature like passport, driving licence, etc.
  • If you fail to produce ID, you won't be able to sit in the exam until ID proof is provided to the PeopleCert.

Course Outline

Introduction to service operation:

  • The purpose, objectives and scope of service operation
  • The value to the business
  • The context of service operation in the ITIL service lifecycle
  • The fundamental aspects of service operation and the ability to define them.

Service operation principles:

  • How an understanding of the basic conflict between maintaining the status quo and adapting to changes in business needs can lead to better service operation
  • Other service operation principles including: involvement in other lifecycle stages; understanding operational health; the need for good documentation and communication including a communication strategy
  • Service operation inputs and outputs.

Service operation processes:

  • The use, interaction and value of each of the service operation processes: event management,incident management, request fulfilment, problem management, and access management.

Common service operation activities:

  • How the common activities of service operation are co-ordinated for the ongoing management of the technology that is used to deliver and support the services
  • How monitoring, reporting and control of the services contributes to the ongoing management of the services and the technology that is used to deliver and support the services
  • How the operational activities of processes covered in other lifecycle stages contribute to service operation
  • How IT operations staff should look for opportunities to improve the operational activities.
  • Organizing for service operation
  • The role, objectives and activities of each of the four functions of service operation: service desk,technical management, IT operations management, and application management
  • Service operation roles and responsibilities, where and how they are used as well as how a service operation organization would be structured to use these roles.

Technology considerations:

  • The generic requirements of technologies that support service management across all lifecycle stages
  • The specific technology required to support the service operation processes and functions.

Implementation of service operation:

  • Specific issues relevant to implementing service operation including: managing change in service operation; assessing and managing risk in service operation; operations staff involvement in service design and service transition
  • Planning and implementing service management technologies within a company.

Challenges, critical success factors and risks:

  • The challenges (e.g. engagement with staff outside service operation, justifying funding), critical success factors (e.g. management and business support, staff retention) and risks (e.g. loss of service) related to service operation.

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