4 Day(s)


This class includes discussions of features, functions, and benefits of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning. Students learn how to set up data and model the supply chain. In hands on practices students will review data, review the supply chain model, and create advanced supply chain plans. Students analyze results of unconstrained, constrained, and optimized versions of multiple organization plans. They resolve exception messages and respond to recommendations

  • Review plan results
  • View data and model the supply chain
  • Resolve exception messages
  • Create advanced supply chain plans
  • Respond to recommendations


  • Functional Implementer

Skills Gained

  • Describe Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning product
  • Use Planner Workbench
  • Create unconstrained plans
  • Describe demand and supply
  • Describe how to create a supply chain
  • Review collections
  • Analyze unconstrained plan results
  • Describe constrained plan
  • Analyze enforce capacity constraints plan results
  • Analyze decision rule plan results
  • Analyze enforce demand due dates plan results
  • Describe optimized plans
  • Describe global forecasting
  • Simulate plan changes
  • Describe planning strategies


  • 11i eBusiness Suite Essentials for Implementers

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Basic Planning Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Bill of Material principles
  • 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  • Planning business issues
  • Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Plan types
  • Implementation progression
  • Planning business flow
  • Planning data flow

Planning Data and Planner Workbench

  • Data for planning
  • Planner Workbench
  • Researching data for planning
  • Planning results
  • Planner strategies

Unconstrained Plans

  • Planning concepts
  • Creating plans

Demand and Supply

  • Demand types
  • Sales orders
  • Forecast consumption
  • Supply types

Modeling the Supply Chain

  • Enterprise
  • Material
  • Resource
  • Sourcing
  • Suppliers
  • Calendars, lead times, and time fences
  • Transportation


  • Collections
  • Collection exceptions

Analyzing Unconstrained Plans

  • Exceptions
  • Personal queries
  • Unconstrained exception messages
  • Recommendations

Constrained Plans

  • Constrained plans
  • Constraints
  • Demand priority rules
  • Aggregation levels
  • Advanced details
  • Calendar
  • Plan options

Constrained - Enforce Capacity Constraints Plans

  • Constrained plans
  • Exceptions
  • Other information
  • Details

Constrained - Enforce Capacity Constraints with Decision Rules Plan

  • Constrained plans
  • Plan options
  • Decisions
  • Concepts

Constrained - Enforce Demand Due Dates Plans

  • Constrained plans
  • Exceptions

Cost-Based Optimized Plans

  • Plan options
  • Concepts
  • Objectives
  • Penalties
  • Constraints and key indicators
  • Plan differences

Global Forecasting

  • Global forecasting

Planning Strategies

  • Simulation
  • Planning strategies

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