3 Day(s)


This APM Practitioner Assessment assesses whether a delegate can apply appropriately those knowledge areas defined in the APM BoK

Delegates are assessed against 30 criteria, which require them to demonstrate that they can analyse, identify and understand both issues and information, and manage a non-complex project


The APM Practitioner Qualification is for project managers, project coordinators and team leaders who have three to five years experience in managing non-complex projects. This is an intermediate qualification for project management practitioners who can demonstrate an ability to manage non-complex projects or run a key control function of a large-scale project. This qualification (IPMA Level C) is for any relatively experienced professional who is looking to demonstrate their ability

Candidates for the PQ Assessment Centre must also satisfy one of the following criteria

  • Passed the APMP qualification; or
  • Demonstrate good familiarity with the APM Body of Knowledge and have passed an equivalent qualification such as PMP, BCS (formerly ISEB) Certificate in Project Management, Open University Project Management Module M865; or
  • Can demonstrate they have good foundation knowledge of project management, supported by evidence of Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Skills Gained

By the end of the course, delegates will

  • Have participated in individual and group tasks and provided evidence of capability upon which the assessment is based
  • Have received constructive feedback on their performance

Course Specifics

Course Outline

This highly interactive and participative course covers the following areas

Group work (observed)

  • Delegates will carry out group exercises to discuss and solve problems relating to a case study

Individual work

  • Delegates will provide written answers to questions based upon the given case study and will also provide a written answer to a question on a topical issue in project management related to their own experience

Awareness and application of the APM BoK

  • This session covers how to become familiar with and apply the information in the APM BoK

Assessment of Candidate Behaviour

  • An overview will be provided of the candidate behaviour that will be sought

Individual/Group Work and presentations

  • Practice in the kind of preparation and presentation needed in the assessment. There will also be the opportunity to practice written essays

Preparation for assessment

  • In this final session, delegates will understand what they should do between completing the workshop and attending the assessment

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Upcoming Dates

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