1 Day(s)


The delegate should have successfully completed the Introductory course, or have gained similar knowledge in the workplace

Skills Gained

  • Use advanced Outlook features including web browsing
  • Organise the Outlook environment more effectively
  • Use advanced e-mail, calendar and contact options
  • Create and use distribution lists
  • Store Outlook information in data files
  • Use the journal to track activities

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Advanced Outlook Features

  • Outlook Today
  • Web Browsing
  • Create Forms
  • Use Quick Parts

Organising Information

  • Work with Views
  • Search for Outlook Items
  • Sort, Group and Filter
  • Create Folders
  • Use Categories

Managing E-Mail

  • Use Flags
  • Voting and Tracking Options
  • Delivery Options
  • Create and Use Rules

Working with the Calendar

  • Group Scheduling
  • Organise Meeting
  • Monitor Meeting Requests
  • Publish a Calendar
  • Set Calendar Options
  • Sharing Calendars

Working with Contacts

  • Use vCards
  • Use Contact Data with Office
  • Create a Distribution List

Using Data Files

  • What is Archiving?
  • Set AutoArchive Options
  • Data File Management
  • Archive Folders

Using the Journal

  • Why use the Journal?
  • Create an Automatic Journal Entry
  • Use the Journal to Record Items Manually
  • Edit a Journal Entry
  • Add Contacts to Journal Entries
  • Journal Views

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