HP StoreAll Storage System Administration

3 days


This 3 day course trains system administrators to configure, manage, and monitor an X9000 File Serving Software Solution. This lecture and lab course teaches students how to successfully configure the components of an X9000 file system, monitor file system activities, and perform basic problem-solving and information-gathering tasks

Remotely Assisted Instructional Learning (RAIL)

Delivered in the comfort of your own home or office by a real on-line instructor. Our instructors use a virtual classroom to delivery this course - a break of 10-15 minutes is normally taken after each 1 or 2 hour session. Candidates will be able to fully interact, ask questions etc... The instructor will use slides and a whiteboard to deliver - just like being in a classroom. All you need is a headset and broadband


This course is designed for experienced HP-UX System Administrators, or delegates who have recently attended the HP-UX System Administration Part 1 course and have had the opportunity to consolidate the information gained from it.


Attendees should have a good basic understanding of HP-UX System Administration, which can be obtained from the HP-UX System Administration Part 1 course, and ideally some practical experience in the workplace.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Concepts of Process Scheduling
  • Performance Tools
  • GlancePlus
  • Process Management
  • CPU Management
  • Memory management
  • Process Resource Manager
  • Performance Issues
  • Swap Space
  • VxFS
  • Database
  • NFS Performance
  • Application Profiling
  • Bottlenecks
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • System Tuneable Parameters
  • 3rd Party Tools

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Upcoming Dates

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2019-06-19
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2019-06-19