MySQL Performance Tuning

3 days


The MySQL[tm] Performance Tuning course is designed for Database Administrators and others who wish to monitor and tune MySQL. This course will prepare each delegate with the skills needed to utilize tools for monitoring, evaluating and tuning.

Delegates will evaluate the architecture, learn to use the tools, configure the database for performance, tune application and SQL code, tune the server, examine the storage engines, assess the application architecture, and learn general tuning concepts.


Anyone who wishes to monitor and tune MySQL performance.

Skills Gained

The delegates will practise

  • Developing a monitoring and tuning plan
  • Using monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Using the Information Schema and Show commands to collect data for tuning
  • Understanding normalization and de-normalization and their effect on performance
  • Using server configuration and status variables
  • Understanding the output from the Explain command
  • Identifying and improving problem queries
  • Making efficient use of indexes
  • Monitoring and sizing memory caches
  • Monitoring locks
  • Tuning the InnoDB storage engine
  • Tuning other standard storage engines
  • Comparing and tuning dump and load performance
  • Evaluating the use of partitioning for performance


  • Students who wish to attend this course, should have attended the MySQL for DBAs course or have similar knowledge:
  • Have previously worked with a MySQL Server instance and database and have working knowledge of MySQL architecture
  • Can use MySQL tools to connect to the MySQL Server
  • Have knowledge of general SQL statement structure and basic SQL tuning principles
  • MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502)

Course Outline

  • Develop a tuning strategy
  • Display knowledge of MySQL architecture
  • Display knowledge and ability to use diagnostic tools
  • Display knowledge and ability to use tuning tools
  • Write queries against the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database and be able to decipher the metadata obtained
  • Understand the relational database model and both the positive and negative implications on performance
  • Display, decipher and edit server configuration variables to improve performance of your applications
  • Display and analyze status variables to ensure that their applications are utilizing the settings in the most effective manner
  • Write queries that take advantage of the MySQL 5.0 performance enhancements dealing with queries and indexing
  • Evaluate the application architecture for efficient design, structure, caching, number of connections and other factors affecting performance
  • Evaluate hardware and OS for effects on performance
  • Evaluate techniques for loading data into the database and effects on performance

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London3 1500 £1500 2019-07-08
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