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Android is a mobile operating system platform developed by Google, and is based on the Linux kernel. The Open Handset Alliance is also heavily involved in the project, and handset manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, and Nokia all have handsets designed to run Android

Although initially aimed at the smartphone market, Android almost inevitably looks to be an ideal platform for other small form factor devices such as netbooks and multimedia devices

The course contains several Android tutorials and hands-on labs


Software developers who need to architect, create and deploy commercial applications on Google's Android platform

Skills Gained

What you will learn

  • Create and deploy Android apps
  • Develop well optimised, good looking and functional GUI applications
  • Utilise existing APIs and libraries
  • Tap into GPS to create location-sensitive apps
  • Coding Best Practices


Programming skills gained in any fully compiled language (such as VB, C++, Java, or C#) and some knowledge of XML would be useful

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Introduction to Android

  • Android and Linux
  • Android Development Kit
  • Android Architecture
  • Useful resources

Android GUI Development

  • Declaring Layout
  • Menus
  • Dialogs
  • Event Handling (UI)
  • Feeding back to the User
  • Applying Styles and Themes
  • Building Custom Components
  • Binding to Data with AdapterView
  • Common Layout Objects
  • How Android Draws Views

Security and Permissions

  • Security Best Practices
  • Understanding dManifest.xml

Android APIs, classes and libraries

  • Android Package Index
  • Key APIs, classes and libraries

Android Graphics and Sound

  • 2D Graphics
  • 3D Graphics with OpenGL
  • Audio / Audio codecs

Android GPS / Location

  • Location-based Service APIs
  • android.location
  • com.google.android.maps
  • Creating mock LocationProviders
  • Overlays
  • zoomTo

Building and Deploying Android Widgets

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Upcoming Dates

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