Applying Neuro Linguistic Programming in the Workplace

1 days


This one day course includes techniques that build on the material used in the introduction to NLP course and introduces participants to new and advanced techniques that have a practical application in the workplace. By employing NLP in the workplace managers will be able to introduce imaginative ways of working through problems to creative solutions.


Suitable for those who have a basic understanding of NLP and want to learn more about the tools and techniques, especially managers who wish to discover how to apply the tools and techniques in the workplace to optimise their success and work towards achieving their personal best.

Skills Gained

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Use four NLP techniques to enhance performance in the workplace.
  • Apply specific questions to assess a person's motivation and criteria for success.
  • Detect limiting beliefs and barriers to progress and find out how easy it is to overcome these objections.
  • Learn a problem solving model to help gain commitment to solutions.
  • Demonstrate how well you can use your new skills.

Course Outline

Change your Language Patterns for Enhanced Performance

  • Enhance your ability to lead others
  • Create clarity of thought in yourself and others
  • Discover hidden beliefs that promote or hinder personal development
  • Practise a logical approach to questioning for greater personal effectiveness
  • Gauge Motivation through the Art of Specific Questioning
  • Learn new ways to question and listen
  • Uncover unconscious motivators in yourself and others
  • Put the right people in the right role
  • Discover a new way to build rapport
  • Dissolve Barriers to Progress
  • Overcome objections and blocks to improvement
  • Keep conversations positive
  • Discover how to construct interventions that undermine negativity
  • Problem Solving Made Easy
  • Use time lines to track problem space
  • Use a problem solving model in a number of situations
  • Integrate the four techniques into one powerful model
  • Personal Development

Formulate an action plan for your personal development

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