2 Day(s)


This course covers the tasks that are performed by site administrators, project managers, and Quality Assurance (QA) leads to set up Quality Center (QC) projects before users can work with requirements, test cases, and defects. This hands-on course focuses on planning, creating, and customizing Quality Center projects. It is an important course for people involved in creating projects, modifying existing fields, creating user- defined fields, creating users, setting user permissions, and defining basic workflow

Note: Course is based on the Enterprise edition of Quality Center


  • Project managers
  • Quality Center Administrators
  • Quality Assurance Leads
  • Other Quality Center users responsible for managing projects, users, and workflow customizations

Skills Gained

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for installing Quality Center.
  • Maintain Quality Center projects.
  • Manage Quality Center users and groups.
  • Customize and configure Quality Center at the organizationwide level.
  • Customize project-specific Quality Center parameters.
  • Customize the testing workflow according to your project specific requirements.


  • Quality Center 11 Essentials course

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Day 1 Planning Project-Level

  • Customizations
  • Planning for Project Customization

Managing Users and User Groups

  • Adding users to a project
  • Creating user groups
  • Customizing module access
  • Defining transition rules

Customizing Entities

  • Adding user-defined fields
  • Creating requirement types
  • Defining criteria for risk-based quality management

Customizing Lookup Lists

  • Creating project-specific lists
  • Associating a list to a project entity
  • Managing project-specific lists

Customizing Mailing Options and Alert Rules

  • Designating mail fields
  • Defining mailing conditions
  • Configuring alert rules
  • Manage follow up flags

Customizing Workflow

  • Customizing lists
  • Customizing fields by user groups

Implementing Workflow Using the Script Editor

  • Using the Script Editor
  • Adding a command button by using the Script Editor

Day 2 Introduction to Site Administration

Implementation Planning

  • Planning: considerations and key roles
  • Identify hardware and software considerations
  • Identify organization-wide customization requirements
  • Use Site Administration to manage quality center

Domains and Projects

  • Understanding the project structure in Quality Center
  • Creating domains and projects
  • Enabling versioning
  • Checking connectivity

Maintaining Quality Center Projects

  • Querying project tables
  • Copying, renaming, removing, backing up, restoring, and upgrading projects
  • Importing and Exporting projects

Managing Users

  • Creating and managing users
  • Monitoring user connections

Configuring Servers and Parameters

  • Loading a Quality Center license
  • Modifying server configurations
  • Defining DB servers
  • Configuring Quality Center parameters
  • Setting the Quality Center mail protocol


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