3 Day(s)


Upon completion of the class, participants will have an understanding of the creation and development of Studio Workspace resources including the following: creation and organization of sections and forms, creation of a repository for common variable fields, maintaining the font cross reference table, converting and maintaining graphics used in sections and maintaining the security of and access to library resources

The class participants will be able to demonstrate how to perform Documaker Studio resource conversions and how to produce resource reports


  • Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Developer
  • System Analysts
  • Application Developers
  • Forms Developer

Skills Gained

  • Create Studio Resources: Sections, Styles, Common Fields Dictionary, Graphics, Templates, Forms, Form Lists, Definition Elements, Paragraphs, and Paragraph Lists
  • Convert External Resources to Documaker Studio Resources and Demonstrate How to Make Mass Chnages to Studio Resources
  • Generate Documaker Studio Reports
  • Explain Forms Analysis and Its Importance in the Studio Forms Creation Process
  • Customize Studio Settings
  • Manage Studio Resources in the Library Repository

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Documaker Studio: Introduction
  • Workspace Creation
  • Tour of Documaker Studio Layout
  • Managing Users
  • Forms Analysis
  • Studio Settings
  • Libraries
  • Workspace List
  • Sections: Objects Other than Fields
  • Sections: Fields
  • Styles
  • Dictionaries: Common Fields
  • Graphics
  • Entry Lookup
  • Finalizing a Section and Creating a Custom Sized Section
  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Form Lists and Definition Manager
  • Paragraphs and Paragraph Lists
  • Conversions
  • Forms with Embedded Sections
  • Reports and Fonts

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Upcoming Dates

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