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The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) training course better known for short as CISA is today's industry standard training course recommended by the Information Systems, Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The ever-increasing demand for the skills of CISA professionals worldwide has led to a corresponding increase in the need for quality CISA training courses to prepare IT professionals for the CISA exam which eventually guarantees CISA certification

Because the CISA certification is widely regarded as one of the most difficult qualifications to obtain for many Information security professionals worldwide, the Information Systems, Audit and Control Association (ISACA) strongly recommends everyone wishing to take the CISA exam to first complete a CISA training course. We recognise the difficulty professionals have with CISA and have specifically tailored our CISA training course to give you the best CISA training experience possible. Our most popular five- day CISA training course covers in-depth; all the material CISA students need to prepare for the CISA exams

Attending a classroom training course is currently the most common method to prepare for your CISA exam, to secure that CISA qualification. We advise all information security professionals keen on a CISA qualification to book their places early enough on our CISA training course, as our CISA training sessions usually fill up very early

It is also important to book your place on our CISA training course early enough, because the CISA exam can only be taken twice every year- in June and December

This class is intended as a hard core preparation for ISACA's professional certification exam for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA(r)). This course is not intended as a comprehensive IT auditing and assurance class covering non-exam related topics, however each of the 5 domains of the CISA(r) exam will be covered and the content is focused on concise exam preparation to give you all what you need for the exam and none of what you don't need


  • Finance/CPA professionals, I.T. professionals, Internal and External auditors

Skills Gained

CISA Training Course Objectives:

This seminar has been designed to prepare Delegates for the CISA examination by enabling them to supplement their existing knowledge and understanding so as to be better prepared to pass the exam, as defined by ISACA

Course Specifics

Course Outline

The CISA Examination has a multiple-choice format and consists of one four-hour paper consisting of two hundred multiple choice questions. The examination tests a candidate's knowledge of IS audit principles and practices as well as technical content areas. The exam covers the five IT Auditing job dimensions (domains) and those tasks that are routinely performed by a CISA. The examination covers the following areas of IS Auditing:

CISA Training Course Content Area 1: IS Audit Process

Provide IS audit services in accordance with IS audit standards, guidelines, and best practices to assist the organization in ensuring that its information technology and business systems are protected and controlled

CISA Training Course Content Area 2: IT Governance and Management

To provide assurance that the organization has the structure, policies, accountability, mechanisms, and monitoring practices in place to achieve the requirements of corporate governance of IT

CISA Training Course Content Area 3: IS acquisition, development and implementation

To provide assurance that the practices for the development, acquisition, testing, implementation of information systems will meet the organization's objectives

CISA Training Course Content Area 4: IS operations, maintenance and support

To provide assurance that the processes for IS operations, maintenance and support meet the organization's objectives

CISA Training Course Content Area 5: Protection of Information Assets

To provide assurance that the security architecture (policies, standards, procedures, and controls) ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

Submit an enquiry from any page on this site, and let us know you are interested in the requirements box, or simply mention it when we contact you.

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