2 Day(s)


A hands on course covering the product specifics of HP ProCurve switches. Installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting are all covered in a practical oriented way


Anyone working with HP ProCurve switches. Particularly aimed at engineers and technicians supporting HP ProCurve switches

Skills Gained

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

  • Install HP ProCurve switches.
  • Use the command line interface and the web based interface to manage HP ProCurve switches.
  • Configure and troubleshoot HP ProCurve switches.
  • Perform software upgrades and maintain configurations using TFTP.

Course Specifics

Course Outline


How Ethernet works with hubs and switches. Installing HP ProCurve switches. Hands on: Building a network with a hub, building a network with a HP ProCurve switch

Basic troubleshooting

The HP ProCurve switch range, LEDs, cabling issues, system resets, default settings. Hands on: Building a network with multiple HP ProCurve switches

Configuration methods

Console port access menus, CLI, telnet, web based access, SNMP, saving configurations, NVRAM, switch stacks. Hands on: Console access, IP address configuration, telnet

Console interface

Privilege levels, passwords, the menus, menu options, online help, CLI commands, show, basic troubleshooting. Hands on: Setting a password, displaying the switch configuration, status and counters. The configuration editor, command types, enable, secret and other passwords. Hands on: CLI configuration

Web based interface

HP Toptools, Web access, basic format, Getting started. Hands on: Web based configuration

Port configuration

Common port configuration tasks, port aggregation, Hands on: Configuring ports

STP configuration

What is STP? Configuring STP. Hands on: Enabling and disabling STP, configuring STP

VLAN configuration

What are VLANS? 802.1Q, tagged/untagged, creating VLANS, applying VLANS. Hands on: Setting up VLANS, setting up 802.1Q, Inter VLAN traffic


TFTP, software upgrades, downloading configurations. Hands on: Software upgrade, downloading a configuration


SNMP configuration, HP OpenView. Hands on: Using SNMP to manage a HP ProCurve switch, putting it all together: troubleshooting

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